I’m so excited for this weekend because I’ll be checking out Scott Antique Markets for the very first time! I’ve heard/read about this place as the premiere place for all things dirty, dapper, and to die for! Seriously, I’ve seen countless magazines claim that this once a month antique market is one of about 5 in the country that is a must see.

After a quick review of Scott’s website I discovered that this will be an all out “festivus for the rest of us” (Seinfeld reference). In fact, good old Scott claims that it’s the “world’s largest monthly indoor antique show”. Oh crap, where’s the BENGAY? My knees are gonna be sore!

Seriously, this will be like going all Disney (theme park) style for DIYers as it has a reputation of 25 years in bidness and boasts a mere 366,000 square feet of awesomeness. 🙂

Yeah, I’m a wee bit excited.

But I must battle buyers remorse. You know what I’m talking about. You bought it cause it was on sale, you bought it for later, or you bought for when you’ve lost the weight…

I’ve been there. Same thing happens when I’m on a thrifty trip. Everything is cool vintage and I want it. To avoid this tomorrow I’ve compiled a list of tips for any thrifty trip!

Top 10 Thrifty Trip Tips 

1. Cash Only:  Bring the amount you want/can spend, for real. Don’t go to the ATM!

2. Backpack:  Bring a decent size bag or backpack to haul those treasures home. Don’t forget a few sheets of newspaper or bubble wrap if you’re expecting to purchase delicate items.

3. Journal:  This may seem old school but I like to write out my project ideas and all the materials I would need to buy. This keeps me focused on completing projects within a reasonable time. Trust me, if you don’t have a purchase plan you’ll wander aimlessly through the aisles. This keeps me from saying, “what was I looking for…?” Besides, your husband might appreciate this approach! 😉

4. Research: I don’t always know what I’m looking for so I browse Pinterest for variations of an idea and then I’m able to write down a few different options in my journal. For example, I’m working on a tea-cup bird feeder and I need a pole or stick of some kind as a base. After perusing Pinterest I came up with some alternatives such as copper pipe, curtain rod, broom stick, bamboo tiki torch, etc. If I didn’t take the time to research some alternative ideas I may have limited myself and my budget.

5. Make Friends: The seller and the buyer generally have compatible personalities. You like what they’re selling. Strike up a conversation. I’ve been so blessed to have made some wonderful connections through various transactions on Craigslist and The Goat Farm. In fact, just last week I had lunch with a woman who I met at a vintage market. She’s spectacular!

6. Enjoy Yourself:  Checking out old stuff is relaxing to me. I love seeing things that I’ve never seen before. I love learning about what America has built, used, and loved.

7. Ask Questions:  Before I leave my money on the table I ask a lot of questions. How old is it? How long have you had it? These questions are just the springboard to a conversation where the seller schools you. Trust me, this lesson on the item’s history is usually worth more than the piece itself.

8. Negotiate:  I always negotiate. But, I negotiate with two things in mind. How much do I think it’s worth? and What would someone pay for it if I sold it? If the price tag is fair I won’t haggle over a few dollars. I want to feel like I got a good deal but so does the seller.

9. Be Realistic:  This one is tough for me. I fall in love and then I figure out where to put it or how to get it home. Not good. Remember, you’ll be sacrificing somewhere if you force that piece of furniture to fit. I should know, just ask Big Daddy.

10. Cleaning:  I usually dig around dirty garages, thrift stores, and estate sales. The one thing I’ve learned is a little bottle of hand sanitizer can go a long way. Don’t forget yours!

I hope this little list helps you the next time your digging for treasures!

Here’s a look at one my latest fab finds. It’s a beautiful vintage piece of Hartmann Luggage!

Question: What tips do you have?



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  1. Lori

    Thanks, this helps a lot! I am not a good thrifty shopper. Now I realize it’s because I don’t go with a plan, or list of what I need/want. Light bulb moment!!!

  2. Dina

    Well you’re definitely in for a treat, Scott’s can be amazing and overwhelming at the same time. But be sure to do both buildings, because they are very different, but lots of fun and great inspiration!!

  3. Janet

    Check in with Kelly at Eclectically Vintage for pointers. She went to Brimfield, a huge outdoor 3X/yr. event you’ve probably heard of. So jealous, I’m not able to go! I am a luggage lover, too. You got a really nice piece! Have fun and good luck.


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