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My entire life I’ve been late to the trend party. It’s been a life-long developmental delay. I joined Pinterest (follow me here) about the same time I started this blog which was less than a year ago. At first I didn’t get Pinterest. I clicked on a photo but it didn’t go anywhere. It was just a photo. I wanted some info to go along with that outfit, that dessert, that makeup. You know what I mean?

I still don’t really get Twitter or Instagram. I mean it looks fun and I have accounts with both of them. I just don’t get them.

I made my first Sunburst Mirror last fall after it had been popular for a bajillion years. But it’s not just design and social media that has passed me by.

I missed out on Cabbage Patch Kids, Jordache jeans, and The Trapper Keeper. Even the mall, the mecca of trend setters, was not my weekend hang out.

I just wasn’t that girl.

Were you that girl?

For those of us that are late trend bloomers, there is hope.

My name is Christine and I’m a late trend bloomer but today I used Washi tape, a huge trend RIGHT NOW.

Whew. I’m tired. I finally caught up to you “mall girls”. 🙂

washi tape fun

Washi tape is just tape with trendy patterns and colors. You can find it at any craft store and online. There are different widths available and more color choices than your pocketbook will know what to do with.

In my first Washi adventure I just turned an average desk organizer into some trend setting Washi magic.

washi tape mail organizer

I’ve tried this stuff everywhere including picture frames and doors. There is a whole subculture of Washi tape trendsetters and I’m proud to be one of them.

Here are more Washi Tape projects to inspire you!

I’ve seen a few painted legs running amuck on Pinterest but I’m not big on commitment (with paint Big Daddy, just paint) but this is totally do-able! The best part is you can change colors and patterns to fit any whim!

This keyboard is super cute but it looks like too much work for me….

This. is. awesome. Renters, can I get whoot, whoot?

Big Daddy and I are both Apple users and we have too many of these nondescript white chargers laying around. I’m gonna Wash(i) all my apples! (Bwwahahaha!)

Who else is last to embrace the trends? Who’s using Washi tape? On what? Who’s your supplier? I need more!


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  1. Erica Latrice

    Washi on Lady!!! I definitely did this with two laptops one in Zebra the other in Leopard and made some baskets to match…oh and the frame for my vision board… When I walk into my office space it just makes me want to make animal calls…LOVE YOUR BLOG btw thanks for sharing such great tips 🙂


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