It seems my little town and my little town mayor have caught some national attention. Snow Jam of 2014 will certainly require that heads roll. I know this may sound controversial in light of a life and death traffic jam but I do want to point out that we all knew. You know what I mean? We, the public, knew just as much as the Governor or Mayor or the Georgia Emergency Response Team. It wasn’t a secret that it would snow. It wasn’t a secret that we have millions of residents in this little town. Even after the appropriate public officials “fall on their sword” shouldn’t we take a little heat for the choice of going to work or to school?

What happened here was a terrible event. Don’t get me wrong but I’d love to hear someone say, “you know I knew it was going to snow and we had a similar event called Snow Jam of 1982. So maybe I could have made a different choice and stayed home from work.”

I still believe we have choices and that the fate of my life or my family’s life shouldn’t rest on the judgement call of someone else.

Am I alone on this? It feels like it.

Anyhoo, Big Daddy and I will be working this weekend preparing for a talk we’ll be giving at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill next week but we will be taking time out to enjoy the Super Bowl. Go Seahawks!!!

What will you be up to?

Here’s a round up of some interesting reads to keep you busy (like you’re not already busy!)

I couldn’t resist sharing these pics from 1982. Man it seems like a long time ago…

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how to be better prepared and I think this 72 Hour Preparedness Kit is key!

I think I’ll start working on my 72 hour kit now. The simplest things can be done ahead of time to keep us from falling victim in a crisis. I hope you make your kit too!

Have a great one!

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