Well guys this weekend I’ll be celebrating my 36th year of being on the earth! And last night at small group we had a mini celebration for both my bday and Kristen’s bday which was last Sunday. I thought you’d like to see some quick pics that Big Daddy snapped of us while singing happy birthday to ourselves and blowing out candles.


Did you notice my new hair? Yeah, I feel almost like a fraud leaving the other pic up on my site since in that pic I’m sporting long blonde hair. And no this isn’t some sorta birthday identity crisis thing. It’s just a me thing.

While I’ll be enjoying my birthday I hope you’ll enjoy these gems I’ve collected for your reading pleasure over the weekend. 

Since I’m obviously still on an organization kick I found this tutorial on slide-out hanging organizers for necklaces, belts, and ties is simply genius.

A friend sent over a link on the many benefits of bananas which reminds me I have to go eat a banana. Also, if you’re into reading immature comments on bananas (#youpeoplehavetomuchtimeonyourhands) you should check out this article, “After Reading This You’ll Never Look At Bananas The Same Way Again”.

Find out the one thing to buy at a thrift store this weekend and what to do with it.

*Don’t forget this weeks coupons.

$3.00 off any TABOO or any JENGA game from Hasbro$3.00 off any (2) NERF REBELLE DART refill packs$0.50 off any one (1) Newman's Own Pasta Sauce$0.80 off (1) Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Quart$0.50 off ONE (1) 15-piece pack of Extra Gum$1.00 off any one Skintimate Shave Gel or Creme$1.00 off 2 bags of HERSHEY'S BLISS Chocolates$2.00 off one Purina ONE beyOnd cat food

Enjoy the weekend!


*Coupons contain affiliate links.


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  1. Jaclyn Burke Barcroft

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the carousel horses….Its on my hunt list now! A very happy birthday weekend to you!


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