So in another very unexpected turn of events Big Daddy and I found a house practically on Lake Lanier and decided to go for it. Even before we moved back to Atlanta we scoured the Lake for any potential areas to live but nothing felt just right. Big Daddy LOVES the lake and I LOVE the mountains so it was hard to find something we both could get excited about until 2 days ago.

It was just another regular day. I was lamenting about not having enough space in the condo so I went to Craigslist’s home category just to browse. Of course I would have never dreamed that within a few short weeks we’d ACTUALLY be moving…

It started off like so many other times I showed Big Daddy something I had found. I’d email him the listing, he’d look at it whenever he got around to it and then he’d say “it’s nice” and then he’d delete the email.

But I did something different this time.

I printed out the listing and put it in his favorite chair. When he got home he looked at it and said “it was nice”. Whomp, whomp.

But wait….

Big Daddy said he was going to call and see if we could go look at the house.

It’s on top of a hill with complete privacy…definitely on the top of my “must-haves”. And can you believe the detached 2 car garage? This is officially the Crafty Workshop! The house has it’s own 2 car garage so the separate building is mine. All mine. (Insert Dr. Evil laugh)

We have seasonal views of the lake from the driveway and we have this public access boat launch within walking distance!

Can you see the excitement on Big Daddy’s face? This just makes me happy. I love it when he’s happy.

Granted, this is only a VERY SMALL part of the lake but it’s the largest Army Corp of Engineers (man made) lake in the country. So this means that I’ll be kickin’ it ski-doo style on 38,000 acres of water. I guess when Big Daddy said “it’s nice” what he meant was this is the most freaking awesome house ever.

Here Big Daddy watches the boats in the distance and just can’t help but think, “my wife is awesome”.

I agree.

P.S. We’re moving in 2 weeks so I’ll try my best to chime in here but it’ll be crazy for awhile!

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  1. Regena Fickes

    I am just so pleased for you. Congratulatins. We will be here when you get moved and settled in.

  2. Tobeys trashortreasure

    I am so jealous and not just of the house, as soon as the pic came up, I was looking at the garage (blogger upcycler thing I guess) . How great is that, a separate workshop from the house woohoo. You have to love a house that comes with his and hers garages . The lake view and access is dreamy too. Congrats
    So happy for you. hugs Tobey

    • ccleahy

      Great bloggers think alike!!! Thanks Tobey I’m so excited! I’ve never lived in a single family home…yay!

  3. Dina

    Christine – I’m sooo Happy for You & Big Daddy! I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you come up with from this amazing space. Happy a Great Holiday Season!

    • ccleahy

      Thanks Dina!!! I can’t sleep because I’m thinking of all the projects and decorating I want to do!!!


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