Something has been bugging me.

I haven’t been able to shake it.

I can’t decide if I’m wrong for even wondering.

But I do wonder.

Who are you?

I write to you out there and I don’t know who you are.

I know how many readers subscribe and unsubscribe (not awesome) to my blog. I can see how many hits I get a day but it’s not enough.

I wonder who you are. I wonder what brought you to my blog? I wonder why you won’t write any comments after a post.

I’m new to blogging and I’m not sure if the no comment thing is a by-product of my inexperience or whether my blog stinks.

I wonder what you’re interested in and what you’re not.

I wonder if you like to hear more of my life or whether I should keep it to myself.

I honestly don’t know.

Is it my grammatical errors? Or my less then professional photos?

I’ve been at this for 5 months now. And I wonder if anyone out there has an opinion.

Whoa. Scary statement. I don’t want to feel worse than I do about the idea that my blog isn’t “good” but I also know I need to put my big girl pants on and get some feedback.

Question: What did you do today?

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  1. Sarah Ingram

    Hi, I’m a lurker. That means I read blogs (I’m currently subscribed to just over 100 blogs) but I rarely comment. I suspect it’s part of my introverted personality. The other reason is that my computer has been in for repair for 2 months now, so I don’t have as much time to spend on blog reading. Once I get my computer back, I plan to get back to writing my own blog, and commenting more frequently. 🙂

    • ccleahy

      Hi Sarah! Or should I say lurker! 🙂 I really appreciate your comment especially since you are introverted…I totally get that. And I’m sorry to hear about your computer. I know how frustrating it can be to find yourself disconnected for so long…what did we ever do before computers?!

      I’m thankful that you do subscribe to my blog especially since the virus and site re-do. I’m just glad to know there’s someone out there! I want to develop a community of sorts here and I wish I knew you all! Is that weird?

      I have received some helpful feedback so I’ll continue to find better ways to blog. I want to give you guys my very best!

      Thanks again for letting me know who you are!

  2. Tobeys trashortreasure

    Hi Christine, My name is Tobey and I am also a blogger. I hardly ever get comments and I wonder the same things you do. I have been writing my blog for a year. I have 25 followers but only the same two people comment from time to time. I see other blogs get 10 or more comments to each post, and I do not know why. Your blog is good and I enjoy your posts and your ideas. Not sure why other posts get more followers and more comments. If you enjoy writing your blog as I do the comments and the followers will come. I think participating in parties on other blogs helps. I am just learning how to do this. happy posting hugs Tobey

    • ccleahy

      Hi Tobey! So nice to meet you!!! Thanks for the encouragement. I guess it just feels weird to not have the back and forth you know? Maybe it will just take me a bit longer to get a hang of this blogging thing. I know I enjoy it more than I ever expected and I’m so excited to know your name and “hear” from you! I certainly don’t expect everyone to comment all the time (although feel free to!) so I’m grateful that you did today!

      What’s your blog address? I’d love to check it out!

  3. Luisa

    Hi there!! Thank you for writing this blog. As a new blogger I can relate and I am sure there are many others out there who feel the same. Truly, I just think it takes a lot of time for you to build the relationships and pick up true followers. I also think that promoting your blog helps. For example, sharing your blog using other social networks, link parties(how I found you), and commenting on other blogs. That’s my two cents but what do I know? I have about 3 followers…2 being my hubs and mom. Ha! JK. Who am I? I’m a nurse working in Marietta, a wifey, a mother to 2 doggies, and a follower of God. I LOVE homemaking, crossfit, quality family/friend time, and a glass of good wine. You may remember me by the comment about the jellyfish that almost made you fall off the treadmill. Why I follow your blog? 1. Your humor. I like to laugh and smiling is my favorite. 2. You live in Atlanta which makes you my “blogger” neighbor. 3. Your cause. So, there you go! Sorry for the long comment but that’s what you get for asking so many questions. Jokes on you!! JK. P.S. If you really want to see grammatical errors and less than perfect pics then you should go subscribe to my blog.

    • ccleahy

      Luisa! The jellyfish comment is still one of my favorites! Thanks SO much for the long comment! It’s funny you said your followers are your hubs and mom because I literally make Big Daddy read every post. I HAVE to be sure one person is reading! 🙂 I’d love to check out your blog…you should toss me a link to your site!

      I’m more your blogger neighbor than you think! I live in Marietta too!!! Small world!

      I’m so happy to know more about you! It just makes this more real. I want to give you guys cool projects but I also want to create a community of women who are helping women. You’d be surprised at how many difference makers are out there who don’t even know they’re making a difference.

      Thanks again for sharing!


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