I ran across this 30 day challenge this week and while I’m a bit late getting started I still have plenty of days ahead to display, and reflect upon what I’m grateful for. Thanks to Positively Pleasant for bringing this to us for the last 4 years!

Here’s my plan: Each day using the words above I’m going to post a picture that I’ve taken or perhaps found online that makes the word of the day come to life for me. I’ll be sharing those daily through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook  using #gratitude30 and then at the end of the week I’ll share all the photos from the last week. I’d love it if you’d follow me on my social media channels too!

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Are you participating? If you’d like to but need a little extra help brainstorming head over to Positively Pleasant where she shares a sentence or two about each word.

Here are my pics of gratitude for days 1-7

Day 1: Beauty


Beauty is in every little thing and to select one picture is crazy hard. But since I spent last weekend at the Powwow I thought I would just show this very detailed head piece. Although I love the beads, the beauty, I found in all the photos I took that day, was in the reverence for a culture that many have dismissed. The beauty is in their celebration, their song, their dance, and their community.

Day 2: Laughter


I can’t help it but these guys (English Bulldogs) just make me laugh. Cows too of course and goats. I love me some goats.

Day 3: Dreams


What I dream of is this. Always have, always will.

Day 4: Wisdom


The only true wisdom I have comes from listening and understanding God.

Day 5: Inspiration


Lauren Hill has brain cancer. And with a few weeks left to live, all she wanted to do was play one college game of basketball with her teammates. People rallied, protocol was altered, big-shot NBA stars temporarily shifted their spotlight to a an ordinary young woman who had an extraordinary love for her teammates. You should read or watch her story. There will be tears, trust me.

Day 6: Detail


Although the “detail” that I pay most attention to in this photo is actually out of focus, I love seeing the texture of this kitty’s tongue. It just reminds me that the smallest and almost-never-the-focus aspect of ourselves can be the most important thing God created for us. That bristly sandpaper tongue is incredibly important to felines. It’s a detail that keeps them autonomous, independent, and clean 🙂 And I love the way that sandpaper feels on my skin.

Day 7: Attire


My men’s Puma sweatpants from Costco. Just get a pair and you’ll understand. Soft to the capital S.


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