Hi there. My name is Christine Leahy and I’m an Army veteran, founder and CEO of Women Stand Up! International, a wife, and a step-mom to two boys. My husband, Big Daddy, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia.

When I got out of the Army in 2011 I promised myself that I would find a creative outlet.  When I discovered this underground DIY-ing, I fell in love at first read!  Truth be told I’ve never done much crafting but something inside of me was telling me to try. After launching my faith based non-profit I felt myself slipping farther away from my goal of finding a healthy balance between running an organization from my home and well, my home!

I figured I could connect my two passions with this blog!  So, if you’re here to read about the fun adventures of the new crafty Christine then read on!  But you may also want to look at ways you can be apart of a global movement of Women Helping Women.

About My Blog

Let’s Get Crafty! is a DIY, decorating, and lifestyle blog that aims to unite women around the world through our Get-n-Crafty 4(a) Cause arts and crafts events. The title, Let’s Get Crafty!, especially out of context can be misleading. Although the dictionary uses words like cunning, sly, and scheming to define the word crafty, it’s actually not accurate at all. Let’s Get Crafty! is about inviting you to join me in getting something started. It could be a traditional craft or sewing, building furniture, or starting your own Cause. Almost anything goes here!

I started to get in touch with my creativity after a long drought brought on by being too busy to paint or create. I’m incredibly blessed to have the support and opportunity to awaken that side of me.

I want to inspire others to awaken their soul and bring the beauty that exists in all of us to others!

If you’d like to contact me you can! My email address is ccleahy@womenstandup.net

About My Non-profit

I have a heart for serving the kinds of women many church’s and women’s ministries aren’t reaching – the hurting and abused and depressed and brokenhearted. Modern day misfits just like me. I’m the founder and CEO of Women Stand Up! International, an organization of women helping women. You can read more about this amazing non-profit organization here.

Life Before The Blog

Before I began Women Stand Up! International and Let’s Get Crafty!, I spent 4 years in the Army. I served 4 years with the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment, (The Old Guard) as a paralegal working for JAG. I cannot begin to tell you all of the amazing life lessons the Army taught me.

In addition to being a Soldier and paralegal, I had the honor of being the narrator for Spirit of America. I told the story of the Army’s history along side of 200 Soldiers in a multi-million dollar production that traveled to 3 cities and performed for audiences of 12,000.

I joined the Army when I was 30 years old and I had already received my bachelors in psychology, a masters degree in higher education and finished my first year of a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. I originally had plans to become a clinical psychologist for the Army but obviously that didn’t work out! While going to school I worked full time in higher education as the university disciplinarian. Yep, I kicked students out of college.

Fun Facts

1. I’m married!  We’ll call him Big Daddy.

2. I have a baby girl!  Sweet baby Sofia who loves to get crafty with me. Aww.

3. I spent 4 years in the Army! Remember Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin?





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