Available Advertising

Side Bar Advertising – Your ad includes a Standard 125 x 125 px image or a Premium 300 x 250 px image in the right side bar on all pages and posts.

Post Advertising – Your ad includes a Horizontal Post Banner image of 468 x 60 px. The Post Banner will be displayed within the body of individual posts. The exact location of your banner will vary from top, middle, or below the post content depending on styling.

Details – I do require that ads fit the look and feel of my blog, have clearly readable text, and not have any flashing or moving elements. All advertising is sold on a 30 day schedule. For example, a 300 x 250 Premium Sidebar Ad will remain active for 30 days for the price of $50.

Bonus – As a thank you to our advertisers we will create a unique post once a month with any product discounts, giveaways, or promotions that the advertiser would like us to mention. Any promotional information must be submitted 3 days prior to the last day in the month. The responsibility to provide accurate information to us is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

Partners – Because this blog is meant to provide financial support to Women Stand Up! International, a non-profit organization of women helping women, we strongly encourage companies to consider the option of financial giving. In appreciation of your generous gift, we will place your company’s logo in a 125 x125 px Standard image in the sidebar of all pages and posts.

Check out this great article about cause marketing and how significant it is in the marketplace. Cause Marketing Speaks Loudest to Moms and Millennials

All financial gifts are tax deductible. Women Stand Up! International is a non-profit organization within BraveHearts. BraveHearts has been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization since 2003. All financial and in-kind gifts to Women Stand Up! are tax deductible to the extent that the current law allows. But be sure to check with your tax accountant to make a final determination as to the actual amount of your gifts that are tax deductible under current laws. Download BraveHearts IRS Determination Letter.

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Giveaways! – Product giveaways on Let’s Get Crafty! are a great way to share your product, get a review, and drive traffic to your shop over the course of the giveaway.  I require that I receive the product offered so that I may review it and include my real-life opinions in the giveaway post.  I also require that at least $50 in product be given away.  Please note that I reserve the right to refuse a sponsor’s giveaway.

All sponsor invoices will be transacted via Paypal.

For more information or to advertise with us, contact Christine.