Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re kicking back and enjoying some down time with friends and family. Yesterday I was with my family and Big Daddy and I were able to share some of the 6k+ pictures we took during our Big Trip Out West.

Today I’m participating in the Tour Through Blogland.  That’s when each Monday bloggers first introduce the blogger who invited them,  answer four questions about themselves, and then introduce the  3 additional bloggers that they have invited!

I’ll tell you right up front I broke the rules. I’ll only be introducing you to the super groovy blogger who invited me and one ah-mazing lady blogger I met while attending a blogger conference a couple of months ago. I sure hope this isn’t like a chain letter where you receive bad luck for eleven hundred years if you don’t forward the letter.

I did try to follow the rules. It turns out this Blogland tour is like the Macarena circa 1996. Everyone is doing it.

On with the tour!

First up, one cool lady from Reinvented invited me to answer 4 questions, which I’ll get to in a minute, but first let’s talk about the idea factory going on over at Kimm’s blog! Here are a few sweet ideas:

photo-5-e1403042743387-768x1024 (1)

Oh baby if I wasn’t a renter I would go chalk crazy. For everyone looking for a unique accent wall check out Kimm’s Chalkboard Feature Wall. Or what about adding a little faux patina to your light fixture?


So do me a solid and give Kimm some Let’s Get Crafty love by visiting her bloggie bit of land.

Ok, here are the 4 questions and answers!

1. What am I working on right now?

Well, I’m working on about a billion things at once. That’s just how I roll. I’m working on some watercolor painting to hang in frames. I’m also working on a gallery wall but so far I’m sucking at it. I’ve been reading tips and tricks about how to create a successful gallery wall so I hope to re-evaluate my choices and create something fantastic. I’m also working on creating more messes around my house. That’s one thing I totally rock.

DSC_0014 2

Watercolor madness. I’m hoping that my paintings will be slightly better than your 3rd grader’s art.


Gallery wall fiasco. Help!


One of many hot messes I’m working on.


I’m on a vintage camera kick. My printer is getting a workout. What can I do with these?

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of “what I’m working on” which is like a super motivating way of saying, “tell us about all of your unfinished projects.”  There are many. Valance upholstery, headboard for guest room, painting the bed side table….oh dear I’m getting overwhelmed.

Moving on.

2. How does my work differ from others in the same genre?

Short answer. It doesn’t.

I’m not concerned with inventing anything. When I was in high school I had a very interesting art teacher. His name was G. He told me once that there are no new ideas. With the introduction of design/diy blogs and Pinterest that little statement makes G sound like a freaky fortune teller. I agree with G. And I’m ok with it. I think Blogland demands this intense level of original design and yet the things that were trending 20 or 30 years ago are still trending. Don’t believe me? Check out the set of The Golden Girls. Love those kitchen dining chairs. Compare those bamboo beauties with the chair being sold by Frontgate for $1,000! Whaaat!?

Picture 48

Hi, it’s me Stan.


Frontgate is selling one chair for $1,020.

I actually count on the fact that you and I are similar. That you’re insecure about handling power tools or even a glue gun. I think that isn’t original either. Even as adults we continue to traverse new skills, experiences, and even DIY with the same shaky legs of a toddler learning to walk. And that is something that is not new. I hope you read my blog because you like me (or my writing voice) and that my projects make it easier for you to try them. Passing on information in a story. That’s what I do. It’s not new or different.

3. Why do I create/write what I do?

Let me tell you something. I love school. But after tens of thousands of dollars paid to said schools I can no longer learn the way I use to learn. Now I hang out on blogs for free, learning totally new things like how to build a desk or a chair. And that’s exciting. I’m a good deal junkie too so I love the challenge of finding the cheapest piece of furniture and making it chic. The fact that I get to share my experiences with others is thrilling.

4. How does my writing/creative process work?

The process is a combination of carefully crafted words and little regard for proper grammar. I don’t write posts ahead of time or schedule ideas. I don’t start to finish many projects in one day. I like to hang a picture and then stare at it for a few days to see if I like it. I don’t feel the need to produce content for you so I just roll when I want to roll.

The end.

Are you surprised at my answers? Did you learn anything new?

Now, let’s talk about Shannon. Shannon and I were roomies at Haven (a conference for bloggers) and she is fantastic! She blogs at Bohemian Junktion and when she’s not blogging she’s some kind of genius engineer. This lady is not afraid of power tools or precision cuts. Both of which I have yet to master #gallerywallfail.

Let’s check out some of her projects, shall we?


Make sure you visit Shannon’s bedroom reveal for all the details on the many projects in this room! Did you notice the lights on the ceiling are being hung by a bed spring!

The other thing I love is all of her flea market finds! Check out this flea market!


Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.

Shannon will be posting her answers to the same 4 questions and inviting 3 bloggers! Look for her post to go live on Monday, September 8.




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  1. Karen Heath

    Hi Christine! Thanks for the intro to Reinvented. In regards to your gallery wall – why not just use a bunch of the pictures that you took on your trip? Look through them for things that unify them like water, or bikes, or doorways etc. Go to Ikea and buy a bunch of frames that you like together and you have a gallery wall. It’s not like you have to keep it forever. You can change it out occasionally. I LOVE the camera pictures. Two things I think of immediately – framing them identically and hanging them straight horizontally or vertically or using them as a transfer onto fabric and making pillows out of them. Have fun with all your projects!

  2. Shannon

    I’m working on my post (in my head)! I’m going to get it done this weekend. Plus I found 2 bloggers to nominate. One I stumbled upon because she is in college but was in our church’s high school youth group that I’ve worked with the past 6 years. She just started blogging in June so I’m excited to nominate her on this.


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