Breaking news: Young House Love hits retirement!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well let me ‘splain it.

I follow Young House Love. I bought the book, and waited in line for 3 hours in the cold to get it signed by John and Sherry Petersik. I gave them one of my planners. I wonder if they ever used it?

YHL blogplanner

This morning, after a 30 day absence from the blog, they posted this. It’s official Young House Love just broke up with me. And you.  And the interwebs. All we have now are archives to remember the way things were. Memories….(in my best Barbara Streisand voice)

They were in our lives for 80 months. Pretty much common law marriage. So any feelings of abandonment are totally understandable. Most of us are in the denial stage anyways.

This young couple shared their house (and lives) and we fell in love.

But all I hear is “it’s not you, it’s me”.

Young House Love, you’ve broken our hearts and decorated our houses. And just for that I’ve written a ridiculous rhyme to say farewell.

Ode To YHL:

It’s been real,

it’s been fun.


I’ll miss Sherry’s raps

and all those 80’s puns.


You designed houses, hospitals, and hooks

OMG, remember Burger’s photo-bombing looks.


Dear, Clara and Teddy

it’s all up to you.


To show mommy and daddy

just how much they mean to you.


We’ll stand back and let your family have their space

and we’ll pray that your mommy and daddy

will once again write in the Young House Love space.

signature3P.S. Can we still be friends?



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  1. karen@somewhatquirkydesign

    Nice post Christine. Guess I’m the only one who never followed them. I’ve always been a late bloomer.

  2. Ashley

    Love this! I was so sad and told my finace I was in blog depression. I hope them all the best and understand why. It’s just I LOVE them! and am selfish enough to have a pity party over it. Glad I’m not the only one feeling abandoned and heart broken.

  3. Jaclyn B

    I was so surprised and a bit annoyed at their abrupt departure. Although this has also happened on a couple other blogs I followed. Now I did think they were completing projects at break neck speed lately, but I was hoping they’d just slow down their posts to 1-2 per week. They have so many great ideas! Alas, they are moving on….how sad….how strange to be sad about this….

  4. Shannon

    Ditto girl! I followed them and they inspired me so much. You just felt like they were your personal friends.

    Shannon ~


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