Ahhh, it’s finally snowing in Atlanta. I know for some of you snowfall is pretty much the worst thing ever but for us southern folk we don’t see it often so we tend to glamorize it’s existence. And so today I write to you from a warm office with a picture window full of tiny snowflakes falling. And it’s perfect.

You know the other day a reader left me a comment on my Computer Cabinet Rejuvenated: The Reveal and asked where I found some of the things I was using in my cabinet. I fully intended to give you the ol’ source list break down but I guess with the holidays I forgot all about it.

So let’s get to it.

computer cabinet

First off I painted the exterior of the cabinet with Behr’s Swiss Coffee. This is definitely one of my favorite “whites”. You probably wouldn’t know it from these photos but it’s a warm white that looks really creamy. The interior has been painted with a color match to Benjamin Moore’s Mount Rainer.

BM-Swiss-Coffee-1024x1024 2129-60

computer cabinet2martha stewart hanging file

The file folders are Martha Stewart and they come in blue, white, and brown. You can find these at Staples. The bookplate labels are also Martha Stewart and can be found at Staples. Both the folder and the bookplate label have self adhesive backings which is what I used to hang them on the cabinet door. I was pretty surprised that none of the folders have fallen off the doors. These folders come with the option of using the included push pins but the push pins were crazy long and actually went all the way through the cabinet door. Oops.

I found the folders at TJ Maxx several months ago and unfortunately I haven’t seen any more like them.

computer cabinet3

The 3 ring binders on the left are also from Martha Stewarts collection sold at Staples. The little brown and white pencil box is from Tuesday morning and the blue distressed frame is from Pier 1. The yellow sketch pad and yellow picture frame are both from Marshalls.

computer cabinet interior

Those cute berry baskets are from the Country Living Fair and the metal distressed crown is from Antique Farm House. The cork board is actually from a roll of cork that I bought at Michaels and cut it to fit the door. The design on the cork board isn’t permanent. It’s actually just washi tape. The huge magnetic calendar on the other side is from Decor Steals. Decor Steals and their sister company Antique Farm House are my secret obsession. I love getting emails from Decor Steals every day with a new product. You’ll learn quickly that if you hesitate in buying something, it’ll probably be gone. The great thing about this site is that even though you may have missed the steal chances are they’ll bring it back in a couple of months. Patience grasshopper.

blue glass collection2

I store all of my printer paper in these boxes. The white ones are from the Martha Stewart Collection at Staples and the blue and white one was found at HomeGoods. My blue and white ceramic and glass collection comes from various places most of which I can’t remember.

I think that about does it. If you have questions about anything I did or didn’t cover, please ask in the comments below!


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