Big Daddy is an amazing friend and husband. He supports my crafty projects 9 out of 10 times. Today is the day I’m going to reveal the 1 out of 10 times Big Daddy has a real objection to one of my artsy ideas.

Several months ago I found this on Pinterest.

This is called the Hand Sconce and is created by a fancy designer called McLain Wies and Custom Furniture & Decorative Arts. This light sells for $600.

I immediately fell in love with this quirky steam punk style light. I vowed to create my own.

Turns out Big Daddy thought this was an incredibly creepy idea. I told him he was crazy and this was more awesome than he thinks.

So I turned to friends for support. Only thing is they thought it was creepy too!

Even with overwhelming evidence that this project would not be welcomed or appreciated, I forged ahead with my plans.

My hand light is complete. The only thing I’m still working on is what wall to hang it from. I don’t want to freak out my guests when they come over but I still really love this light.  What do I do when my idea of cool, hip, and beautiful is everyone else’s idea of creepy?

Tell me what you think!


Hand Light5

Hand Light3

Hand Light2

Hand Light

Hand Sconce

Seriously, this is cool right?!


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  1. michaelangelo1

    Hi y’all, Big Daddy here. OK, so yeah, I found this kind of creepy. Not so much the way it’s pictured here (and posed in our home…yes, I AM supportive of my Crafty Girl). But when she said she wanted to hang it on the wall, as if the hand was coming OUT of the wall…dee DEE dee dee, dee DEE dee dee…sounds creepy to me.

    Then, I read this post, and HONEST TO GOD it’s the first time I realized that the original cost $600 smackeroos! Whaaa!?!? For real???

    Ya know, I think I could learn to like this hanging on our wall after all 🙂

  2. Upcycle Addict

    Wow, I think you totally rocked it!!!!!!!!!!!! It is AWESOME! I would have done it too. Sounds like you march to the sound of a different beat but an awesome beat it is. I just love it.

  3. Heddy

    Lol love your husbands comment down here! My hubby is the same way. I like it! Your version is impressive! Great job!
    My next home project involves hanging antique drawers on the wall. Hubby is terrified we’ll have stuff fall on our heads ;s. Can’t promise that it won’t ; P. At least not his side!

  4. Pam Barnhill

    I agree with Big Daddy, especially as it is shown coming out of the wall. It has a Thing (Addams Family or am I showing my age?) kind of vibe to it. Having said that, props to you on the artwork. It looks as good as the original.

  5. Michelle

    I think it’s just the right type of creepy. Which old fairy tale was it that had hands holding torches along the castle walls — Puss in Boots?

  6. lucy

    YES super cool! high five! get it it? the hand? never mind..haha..Thanks for sharing…xo

  7. Carol Cook

    I collect hands and once had someone tell me that she thought that was creepy.

    I LOVE your hand light. I’m not going to make one for myself because I really have no place for it, but I am going to paint my artist’s hand. I love yours in black and realize that I would prefer to see mine painted.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Kammy Wielenga

    Seriously, this is cool, right?! Oh you made me laugh. Hmmmm. It IS cool, but I gotta lean toward the creepy side – haha! BUT congrats as it was the most viewed link and is being featured today on Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday!! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your awesomeness with us.

  9. Emily Boyle

    Just came over from East Coast Creative (I’m project #145) and I LOVE this! I wonder if I could convince my own husband that it’s not too creepy. 😉 Way to go!

  10. Hannah

    I love it! Where on earth does a person find a wooden hand that looks that awesome?

  11. Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I vote ‘yay’. I love this look, and it’s also a great visible way to use an Edison bulb. Where does one obtain a wooden hand??

  12. Michele

    This is a GREAT sconce/lamp. I would love to make one if I can find a hand like the one you used. I guarantee you someone will walk in your house and say, “I love this, I want one”.

    • Christine Leahy

      Hey Michele! Thanks for being on Team Hand Sconce! You can buy the bare wood hand from Michaels or you can get a slightly larger one (like I did) on ebay. I say go for it!

  13. Theresa

    I’d like to know what your paint color on your walls are. I love gray and want to paint my living room in a gray and can’t decide on one!

  14. centrd

    I love it sitting on the table like that, much more than on the wall. This has a statue-of-liberty-lighting-the-way kind of feel about it, which is definitely NOT creepy. 🙂 Also, love Big Daddy’s comments below. You’re lucky to have found someone who has a flexible outlook on things. 🙂


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