Did you know that the greatest movie of all time, IMHO, is celebrating their 75th anniversary in 2014? Yeah that’s right, those flying monkeys have been scaring the heebee jeebees out of boys and girls for more than 7 decades!  That’s a lot of magical, heart-warming whimsy.  Do you remember when you first saw the Wizard of Oz?  I can’t remember the first time but I do watch it every year around Thanksgiving.  Oh, Auntie Em how we love you.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was invited to be a part of a team of bloggers who were tasked with sharing the amazing craft supplies from Wizard of Oz.  I was so excited to open the box and find all of this!

Wizard of Oz #craftinginoz

I love the possibilities here!  There’s watercolor painting with paints and brush included!  A few sticker books which are my favorite!  Anyone else have a sticker book when you were younger filled with those glorious scratch and sniff stickers? I can still smell the slice of pepperoni pizza sticker…

wizard of oz3 #craftinginoz

I didn’t find any scratch and sniff lollipop trees but stickers are still a good time. 🙂  Oh, I couldn’t resist adding a photo bomb of Baby Sofia.  She is super thrilled about the stickers too.  🙂

wizard of oz2 #craftinginoz


What I really love about the crafty supplies I received is that 1 entire project is contained within the packaging and all the items featured in my photos except “Tin Man” (see photo below) were suitable for ages 3 and up. “Tin Man” is the only craft project I received that was recommended for ages 6 and up.  It might have something to do with the pipe cleaners since they are made of a bendable metal.

wizard of oz6 #craftinginoz

Boy oh boy was I psyched when I saw my selection of character masks!  I always need a last minute Halloween costume.  Hello wicked witch I need your face tomorrow.


I hope you all get a chance to check out the huge Wizard of Oz crafty projects.  You can find them all at Michaels, Jo-Anns, and AC Moore.  For more Wizard of Oz craft ideas you can head over to this Pinterest board.   In celebration of Wizard of Oz I pulled together a few free printables for you and yours if you’re feeling the need to get your Crayola on.

3_wizard_of_oz_coloring_book_pictures 4_wizard_of_oz_coloring_book_free 7_wizard_of_oz_coloring_pages_for_kids 3081450_f260 3081451_f260


Guys, I’ll be back tomorrow to show you my oh so cute and not really scary Wizard of Oz costume.

Has anyone else started eating the candy they’re supposed to be handing out tomorrow?

Yeah me neither.  😉


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  1. Crafterminds Heather

    The Tin Man craft is SO ADORABLE. I bet my boys would love that. Looks like you had fun!


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