I’m nearing the finish line on this computer cabinet  redo.

It. has. taken. me. forever.

I know I haven’t let you in on this one yet but hang in there!  I really want it to be done before I start all the tutorials. And I’m sooooo close to being done and I couldn’t be happier.  Happy because it’s almost done?  Of course.  But happier that it’s what I’d envisioned.  Love it when things actually work out.  That my friends doesn’t always happen around here. 🙂

Anyways, ya’ll know I got a new computer and the screen is super-sized for my poor squinty eyes.  As I was getting all of my settings, well, set I knew I needed a new desktop wallpaper.  I immediately went to my Digital Art Pinterest board to see what I had stashed away.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the treasure trove I thought it would be.  I did find this Everyday I’m Hustlin’ desktop wallpaper I had pinned.  But it wasn’t quite the right look I was going for plus the free downloads had the blogger’s name on the image and it was too distracting.  Plus, having another blogger’s name/logo on your blogging space seems kinda wrong, right?  I mean do you think the dudes over at Pepsi have Coke’s logo on their desktop wallpapers?  I don’t think so.

I decided to give the chalkboard look a try.  I know this is like circa 2012 but whatever.  You know I sing this all the time now.  And on my big ol’ monitor it’s like a karaoke machine firing up the lyrics.

Everyday I'm Hustlin (3)


I hope you enjoy it!  To save, double click the image above and then right click to save image.  To set this image as your desktop just right click on the file (you already saved) and click “set as desktop wallpaper”.  Easy peasy.

Anyone else out there hustlin’?

If you use this on your computer I’d love for you to send me a pic of your computer space!  Throw it up on the Let’s Get Crafty! Facebook page.  I’ll be back soon to show you the reveal!


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