I’ve been driving myself non-stop getting things done over here (I’ll have a big announcement later this week) and today I decided to stay in my PJs while working on a little of this and a little of that. Numero uno on my list was to infuse a bit of Holiday into my house. I don’t go all out but I try to add touches here and there.

Today, I whipped up a quick Fall/Thanksgiving vignette on my fireplace.


I found this wood deer cutout at Marshalls for under $8. I love the quality of the wood and I picked it up with the holidays in mind but then I realized my deer head could stay above the mantel all year long. Super. I love it when I don’t have to take down decorations. 🙂


I found this basket at a antique-y store and it was the perfect shape. Too bad you can’t see the entire basket but the back is unusual and I looovee him so. I dug up my shoe box full of fall faux flower picks that I bought from the Dollar Tree and faux pumpkin picks. I used 3 small real pumpkins and then used my faux finds to fill in the areas around the real pumpkins.


I kind of love it! I also picked up some flameless scented real wax flickering candles from Costco. Costco is awesome for including 12 Duracell batteries. I swear 12 batteries alone would have cost more than the candles. I heart you warehouse o’ fun.


Oh joy, you can see alittle bit of the back of the basket. It’s a beaut.


What do you think of my leather covered stag/moose with glass eyes? This guy is huge and Big Daddy and I found him in the basement antique store in downtown Kallispell, Montana. *sigh* Miss you Monty.

If you keep this formula in mind, decorating becomes less cumbersome.

1. Focus on the fireplace/mantel area for big impact

2. Reuse a basket from your house of buy one from Goodwill for a song.

3. Reuse the same faux flower picks for the coordinating season (shoe box storage is optional)

4. Buy something organic. Pumpkins, gourds, corn to give it that fresh look

Isn’t that easy? What are your sure fire tips for quick holiday decorating?


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