Lookit, sometimes people do amaze-balls things. And sometimes you just need to tell the world. World, let me introduce you to From The Front Porch, an online magazine masterpiece!

My friend and fellow dreamer, Kirsten from Sweet Tea & Saving Grace, dreamt up this crazy cool magazine. From beautifully styled fall vignettes to doable DIYs, this magazine has got it all.

Want to know where to go for some fall festival fun? Oh, Kirsten’s got you covered.

Need some inspiration?

Decor? Check.

Fall Fashions? Check.

Gentle tugging of heart strings? Check.

Why am I talking about a magazine that I did nothing for and will get nothing from?


These women, Kirsten, Marley, Bernadette, Katie, and Lesley caught the vision and poured their passion into something everyone can enjoy. Umm for free.

If you’re my friend or you’re a no comment peeper reader (I love you but can you comment sometime?) can you do me a favor and head over to the Mag and maybe even visit the aforementioned ladies’ blogs. Except for Marley. She’s only 13 and doesn’t have a blog, but the girl has style advice that I’d take any day.

For heaven sake, go forth and read free inspiration and tell those ladies how much you appreciate their hard work.

Isn’t it about time we build other women up.

I think it’s well past that time.

Visit Sweet Tea & Grace here.

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