Mmm, k. I know it’s been forever-ago since I last posted. Guys there is so much to say I’m just so excited I don’t even know where to begin!


You know I missed you and because we’re real internet friends I know you’ll forgive me for my vanishing act.  Or not. Either way you’ll want to at least read this post cause I’m gonna ‘slpain how you can win like a boss and get $2,000 bucks!


Let’s deal with previous business. No, I have not finished the booth. So many reasons like lack-o-cash and time but also the pesky fire code thing is still unresolved. But I’m still selling it like it’s hot and I hope to pieces you’ll come to my booth and check it out. And definitely buy the biggest and most expensive thing, k?


You know how sometimes you get so stuck you feel like your stuck is the new moving? Yeah, me too. But a few weeks ago I went to a blog conference and something changed for me. I realized the answers to some of the questions that have literally plagued my motivation for 2 years. I’m unblocked. Not in the BM sorta way. Oh TMI I know.

Anyways, I can’t wait to share all about it but I’m working very hard over here so I can share my big ideas with you very soon. But until then let’s talk about gettin’ rich.

Fourth & Final

While at Haven, a blog conference shin-dig where several hundred bloggers meet up, I found DecoArt. Guys, I can’t wait to show you their metallic paint thing-a-majigy that will bejewel your life. So DecoArt and I chatted and crafted for about 10 minutes at the conference but today I began emailing back and forth with Angela, she’s in charge of people like me who want to use their product and blog about it.

And in the midst of pleasantries she drops this on me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.58.04 PM

Oh crap. I, you, we, can win a stack of cash and paint? C’mon. As I casually inquired about details about said crazy cash contest, I was informed you can enter as many times as you want. OH CRAP.

As they say, it’s on.

See you in the ring or the pit or whatever but I’ve got my painting sweats on and I’m about to bring it. Wanna join me?

P.S. they have great chalky colors!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 4.17.51 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 4.18.08 PM

P.S.S. I just found out I’ve been accepted to DecoArt’s blogger program. However, this post is strictly inspired by me. I didn’t get anything free and I wasn’t paid to write this. That is until I win this whole dang contest (insert Dr. Evil laugh)


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