As I sit here writing this, I’m thankful for a very dedicated (to my passions) husband. Big Daddy is some kind of hero. I mean I already admire the heck out of him for carrying the weight of most everything around here. I mean let’s not forget the man has a day job where he mentors men to freedom from sexual sin. Not exactly a popular or a super easy task.

But he does it.

He walked through some fire to get where he is today. He suffers consequences from choices (as we all do) but chooses to find redemption in Christ and his faith. Day in and day out.

He’s dedicated.

He serves.

In fact perhaps some of you right now don’t even know how my husband has touched your life. He’s written 5 books for men who struggle in the area sexual integrity. He’s shared his story (and felt the harsh ego of our youth) at hundreds of college and university campuses. The other day I met a woman who just happen to be at my booth when we started to talk about how my husband built the booth for me and yet maintains a full time job in ministry. One thing led to another and she realized that she just saw him on the 700 Club. Maybe my husband helped her that day.

Believe it or not I didn’t intend on getting into all of this at least not in this post. But I went back and added “something personal” because I just couldn’t take it out.

You know there is so much we (ok, I) don’t say especially to those who need to hear it and I guess I just wanted to say it today.

With all of this he still jumps into the sidecar of my dreams. We drive, sometimes for hours, plotting, planning, and dreaming. About a year ago we first began the conversation about encouraging women through education. And today, I’m close to launching DIH University. Where would I be without that dream session? Where would I be without the encouragement? Even when I had to start from scratch on the DIH website after weeks of work. Even after getting feedback from friends that the price for my talent and time was “too much”. Even after it all.

I hope you have someone like that. I hope you know you have someone like that. I hope that you drive, and plan, and dream.

Our booth, from dream to done, is another example of where Big Daddy shows up in a big way.

Last week was a huge prep week to get ready for the annual Christmas Open House. And I wanted it to be perfect. Or at least really, really, really, really close to perfect.

Of course I didn’t get as close to perfect as I wanted but without Big Daddy, I would have been closer to pathetic than perfect.

brass reindeer

Christmas booth decor

christmas centerpiece

Christmas Dressform tree skirt

hunters alley fox

woodstock market christmas windows

Woodstock Market window display

I’m so proud to be a part of a community of dealers who put on a great weekend of beautiful Christmas displays. Including these 4 giant store front window displays. This is the story of the Nutcracker. The windows are simply amazing. They move and dance and the lights twinkle. The best, most amazing part is that the windows were designed and created by the owners and select dealers. In other words, a small group of seemingly simple citizens did this for a community. I love their passion and their crazy cool creative talents.

Later this week I ‘ll show you how I did the dress form Christmas tree skirt. Don’t you just love her? She was the belle of the holiday open house ball.

In case I didn’t say it earlier, thanks Big Daddy for everything you do. 🙂



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  1. Jaclyn B

    Christine – Your booth looks so beautiful! I wish I were closer so that I could enjoy all of the splendor in person. You two make a great team! Jacks 🙂


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