I needed a break from working on a client’s website design so here I am with a quick way to organize those store coupons you get with your receipt at checkout.

I’ve always just thrown them away but then I realized those smarty pants machines are tracking my every purchase. So now when I get those coupons with my receipt they are typically for the items I just bought or have bought at that store. Creepy, right? NSA’s got nothing on Target’s transaction spying machines.

Anyways, I bought one of those according style file keepers at Staples.

Coupons for the car2

Big Daddy and I both are mesmerized by this design. Can you see how the aqua teal shade shifts into a purple grey? It’s gorgeous! Can a coupon file be gorgeous? This one is fo’ sho’.

I’ve bought these types of accordion files in the past, specifically the cute blue one from Martha Stewart but I love this one soooo much more. It doesn’t feel as rigid and it has a larger accordion capacity. I use the Martha Stewart file for all of my receipts of things that I might need to return.

My coupon file came with the little card stock labels. I just used my label maker to come up with the stores that I normally have coupons for. I came up with these stores:

Bed Bath & Beyond





Publix (grocery store)

and a category for food which is mostly fast food coupons I get in the mail.

Coupons in the car

That’s all there is to it! So now when I get those coupons at the store I immediately put them in my coupon file that stays in the car. I’m hoping this new organization for store coupons will eliminate the saying, “Dang, I left my coupon at home.”



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