The Christmas season is generally considered to be a good time. A happy time. But for some of you holidays are an incredibly sad time. A time to remember what was or what could have or should have been. Maybe you’re beating yourself up for wasting years at work when you should have been spending time at home with family.

Maybe you’re angry at God for taking away someone you love.

I get it.

Today my mother won’t call to wish me a Merry Christmas. I’ll miss meeting my 1 year old neice or seeing her grow another year.

There is much I don’t have when it comes to the elusive happy life.

I have a painful life at times. But that isn’t my point.

Today, more than anything else, including your sadness, happiness, family, or friends, today is about the birth of a boy. A Savior. A forever promise that you will be taken care of. This day is literally the day hope was born unto the earth. And that pain no matter how great in your heart, pales in comparison, to the enormous gift that a baby in a manger was to us.

Today is a big deal. Don’t let that pass you by.

I’m spending today with family that I love dearly. A group of people who have invited me to their table. They serve me, comfort me, and love me. Even when I don’t deserve it. Especially when I don’t deserve it.

Maybe you’re not as blessed as I am this Christmas but could you be the blessing to someone else?

Can I pray for you?

Father, thank you for the pain because without it I wouldn’t find the mercy in my heart to comfort others. Thank you for always finding me even when my heart was so hurt I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept your love.

I know someone out there might not feel happy or blessed this Christmas and I want to ask that you give them the undeniable peace and comfort that comes from you. And Father, if there is anyone reading this that is spiritually unresolved but wants to know you, will you bring them to me or anyone else who knows you and would be willing to share with them how much you love them.

Thank you for sending your Son, the gift you gave the world when we didn’t deserve it.


I hope you all find blessings in the smallest places.

Thank you all for reading and sharing. It means so much.

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