Remember when my drawer-turned-shelf ruled? Check out the full how-do-you-do here.

Well I’m back at it but this time my craft desk rules!  Remember way back when I said hey look at me and my DIY Craft Desk?

In the photo above you can see that the top hadn’t been secured to the two base cabinets.  And over time the entire desk top continued to bow.

I’ll be honest and tell you the gap between the desk top and the cabinets was much worse than this picture shows. You’ll notice that I switched lamps and curtains. And now there is no lamp and a new set o’ curtains hanging up.  Not to mention the horse pic is no longer above my desk. I’m having a design identity crisis.

Let’s get back to my desk and why it rules. I bought some fancy toe kick molding thinking it would work. No problem right? Wrong. It was a problem.  The tongue and groove paneling didn’t hang over the white melanie board evenly. So instead of breaking through all sorts of mathematical equations I bought a power tool. I’ve wanted one of these for about 2 years and I was happy to skip the math for the chance to use a hand jig to trim off the excess paneling from the top. Cutting the wood was as easy as cutting cake. Just make sure to wear eye protection cause this cake will have sawdust flying all up in your face.

hand jigsaw

After all the sides were flush I went back to my previously purchased trim and tried to make it work. Again that was a no go. I really didn’t want to go back to the store to buy more so when my eyes landed on my yardstick collection in the corner of the garage a lightbulb went on. I held up a few yardsticks against the edges and would you believe it was a perfect fit?!  I threw in a strip of brad nails and went to it.

Craft Desk Ruler Trim

I love it.  It doesn’t scream look at me cause I rule it’s more of a casual I’m vintage modern chic, look if you want.

Craft Desk Ruler Trim2

Big Daddy and I went out and bought the right size screws specifically for particle or melamine boards. I had to sit on top of the desk while Big Daddy secured the seriously bowed top to the cabinet. I should mention that if you find your bum on the wrong end of a drill please make sure that your screws aren’t too long or else….

Once all screws were in place and my bum was no longer needed we took a look at our handy work.

Craft Desk Ruler Trim4

I feel a bit brilliant.

Did you notice the American flag? That project is coming soon. So far Old Glory is gloriously awesome. Can’t wait to share.

Am I crazy or does my DIY Craft Desk Rule?


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  1. Jaclyn B

    Love love love the yardsticks! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for some on my thrifting adventures. I have a little DIY project ahead: buffet into TV entertainment center…you’ve inspired me!

    • ccleahy

      I’m so excited for you!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Are you painting it?

      • Jaclyn B

        Yes I am! Hey is there a way I can get your comments emailed to me when you comment on one of my comments? Do I have to actually sign in?

      • ccleahy

        Comments can only be emailed to you if you are signed in. Sorry, I hope that’s not a pain. All this helps cut down on all the crazy spam comments I get…

  2. Shelly Minette

    LOVE this!! What a fantastic idea!!!! I found you on Lovely Ladies Linky.


    Please come share this on a party I cohost, DIY Sunday Showcase! It opens Sat at 5pm central time!


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