Check one off the bucket list for me! I did it! I really did it!

I. Can. Sew.

Yep, on a whim one night while at Joann Fabrics I noticed an ad for a beginners sewing class that started the following morning.  Gulp. This could be it. Maybe I would try it.

I walked up to the counter and lo and behold the teacher of Sewing 101 was behind the register. We got to talking and she assured me that I could learn to sew.

It was now or never.

I showed up the next morning with my thrift store purchased sewing machine, not knowing whether the machine actually worked.

When I sat down at the sewing table this is what I received.

Joann Fabrics class

More crafty things to play with! I was in heaven.  In Sewing 101 I learned random bits about various stitches, how to read a pattern, and of course how to stitch my first stitch.

my first stitch

I was wildly thrilled about my new skill. Of course, remembering how to thread a bobbin is a different story. I did a regular straight stitch which you can’t see and a top stitch (on the left) and finally a zig zag stitch. I was feeling pretty darn good about my sewing skillz. I was feeling so confident I went ahead and signed up for Sewing 102, Making a Pillow.

And BAM.

Just like that I made a freaking pillow.

my 1st sewing project

Yes, I actually read a pattern, cut the pattern, pinned the pattern to fabric, cut the fabric, pinned the fabric strips onto fabric, sewed the strips, and sewed the front and back of the pillow together. Whew!

I still have to finish hand stitching the 4th side but whatev, this is done.

Do you have children? Then you might know what it’s like to witness your child’s excitement when they come home from school to show you what they created. I was totally like that.

It just feels good to make something yourself.

Guys, I’m not in financial cahoots with Joann Fabrics. I’m just a girl that wanted to sew and had a great experience with their sewing classes. If you’ve always wanted to sew a pillow do yourself a favor and sign up for a class. The first class was under $20 (with a class coupon) and I got a ton of sewing supplies. Totally worth it. The second class is a little more expensive and they want you to buy some fabric and a pattern. But the costs, no matter how slight, don’t begin to equal the value of doing something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I’m in love with sewing. As they say, so far so good.

You might be reading about some sewing projects in the near future!


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  1. Luisa Chandler

    Oh I am jealous!!! Sewing is on my bucket list too!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with Joanns!

    • Christine Leahy

      You’re welcome Luisa! My class size was very small (3 and 2, me included, respectively) so you get the attention you need. I hope you get to check it off your list someday soon!!!


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