One of the most rewarding parts of my DIY adventures is the indescribable feeling I get when I go to find something or make something and I know exactly where to find it. For instance, my DIY craft desk inspired this kind of organization of craft supplies.

craft desk storage5

craft desk storage2

craft desk storage3

Seriously, every time I want something I just open up the doors and it’s in a labeled bin. I can see why people organize stuff for a living. It’s so rewarding.

Of course, I also organized the fridge, twice, with placemats.

fridge coaster2

And how about that serious computer/office cabinet overhaul?

Computer Cabinet Redo7

So what’s in store for 2014? Lots.

While I’ve made great progress living the DIY life, I haven’t really made any progress with organizing key areas of our home. So here are a few of my goals for organizing my life in 2014.

The Master Bathroom

1. Linen Closet

I’d like to completely overhaul the linen closet in the bathroom. I’m kinda getting tired of stuffing my towels in and slamming the door shut before things start to tumble to the floor. So I guess I need to purge some and figure out what needs to be in there and what doesn’t. Should be interesting to report on what I find in there.

I’ll need specific storage solutions for all of my beauty crap and the elusive meds that I can never find when I feel like my head just kissed a Mac truck.

The Master Bedroom

1. Closet

Hmm, anyone else starting to see a trend? A black hole space with a door is just so freaking dangerous. Our closet isn’t too bad. It’s small and Big Daddy and I share it. My biggest problem is that my handbags are in a lump on the floor under some shoes. Not cool.


1. Pantry

This is so out of control I’m totally embarrassed when I have to open it in front of guests. My brain feels a bit like a twizzler stick when I try to find an organizational system that will work for Big Daddy me.

2. Lower Cabinets

People, I hate cabinets. I really hate them. I can’t see anything in the back and if I have to hear/feel my knees crack one more time because of the mandatory crouching position to retrieve my pots and pans, I might go bonkers.

I wish every kitchen in the world would just switch over to drawers. Deep, glorious drawers.

I actually don’t have a clue how to make this situation better but I’m going to make something happen!

Guest Bedroom

1. Entire Room

This is the most out of control room in my house. I store everything in there and it’s officially unacceptable. I have A LOT of work to do to make that a usable guest room. I’ll mostly be doing a lot of selling and donating. I’ll post some of the things for sale here on the blog in hopes you’ll find something you can love and treasure for a lifetime.


 1. Garage & Crafty Village

PURGE. PURGE. PURGE! Please someone come get this stuff.

2. Office Files

I got a fancy label maker a few months ago and I’ll be a labeling fool.

Wow, that’s a ton of organizing! I hope I can accomplish it all in 2014. The biggest question now is which project do I start with?

What are you organizing this year?


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  1. Taryn Jerez

    You can do it! Take one project at a time rather than trying to tackle too much at once. Not sure which to tackle first, but I’d leave the garage for last because you may find items to get rid of during the dreaded organizing of the closet and kitchen cabinets, etc. which you can then sell in a garage sale. Your purging can lead to some very nice unexpected $$$! Good luck. Excited to see your progress.


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