Remember when I updated my fireplace and mantel with some fun pumpkins and fall like faux flowers? If you missed it, go get it here. Well I thought it was a one and done kind of update but I was so wrong. Why? Because Royal Design Studio offered to send me one of their removable wall decals from Wallternatives. I met the designer/owner of this company last summer and I was so impressed with their stencils and removable decals and wallpaper. They graciously gave me a sample of their art but I wanted more! So when the email came asking if I wanted to try updating my home for Thanksgiving using one of their products I was so excited! I chose the Black and White Fall Phrases Removable Wall Art in large.
As soon as it arrived I noticed that my large roll of decals was wrapped in a newsprint paper and sealed with a sticker. My first thought? This sticker better be removable and if it ripped the paper I was going to call them out immediately.
Guess what? The sticker was in fact made of the same high quality light removable material as the actual decal. Guys, I know I’m weird about the details but the details matter. I guess I feel much better about their product when the company pays attention to the small things. Anyone feeling me?
Here’s said sticker without any tears or loss of adhesive. Amazing that this stuff works just as easily on thin newsprint as it does on painted drywall. P.S. Pattern For The People is a very cool slogan.
At first I didn’t know where I wanted these guys. So I started with my entry. The space has two smallish walls where the closet door (eye sore) takes up half of one of the walls. There really isn’t room for an entry table or bench. This entry is so hard to decorate. After several changes I still didn’t know what to do with it so I took down the frames because they just weren’t working and put up some round baskets and my new wall decals! Look at how awesome these are! The detail of these decals is just amazing. They truly look like chalkboards!
While I love these sweet sayings in my entry I also wanted to take these decals to the test of removing them. Remember I’m a renter so it’s very important to me that these are easy to use over and over.
I have absolutely no complaints.
I stuck it to the front of my fireplace screen!
By the way, I do not recommend leaving these decals on the glass while a fire is burning in the fireplace. So please please remove them before building a fire! But since I live in the south and it really doesn’t get that cold until December or January, I’m guessing we won’t need to build a fire anytime soon.
DSC_0368 2
I’ve always hated my fireplace. I’ve wanted to get a fireplace screen to block out that glass box but now I have these great chalkboard decals! And look at how perfect my chalkboard bird on a wire look above! I think “Be Grateful” is something that’s perfect for Thanksgiving but so relevant all year long.
DSC_0373 2
I just want to say a special thanks to Royal Design Studio and Wallternatives for getting the small details right and for providing me with these amazing Black and White Fall Phrases Wall Decals. Guys, even though I was provided these decals for free, my opinions of their product are mine and mine alone. Psst. I give them 2 thumbs up.
Royal Design Studio is an industry leader in designer quality decorative wall stencils, stenciling and decorative painting tools and techniques, educational resources and a leading designer and manufacturer of stencils and related products for professional decorative painters, interior designers and home decorators.

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  1. Betty Hower

    These decals fooled me…. they look authentic …. Amazing… Great for the holidays and perfect year round….

    • Christine Leahy

      Betty, I know sometimes photos can be deceiving but these truly look authentic. I think it’s the texture of the decal that creates more depth and therefore more realism. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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