I’ve dreaded this post.

You’re going to see something that your eyes will not be able to unsee.

Just sayin’.

This is just one corner of my office/craft room. And yes I’m hanging my head down in shame.

But I’d like to justify myself.

These reasons won’t be nearly enough to cover the multitude of sins that this room has but get pumped for a few of my best reasons.

  1.  A small tornado suddenly burst into motion while I was out of the room. In fact, the President hasn’t officially declared it a disaster zone so I don’t want to mess with the evidence. (Rumor has it that he’s close to making the call)

  2.  Big Daddy played the worst April Fools joke ever.

  3.  I was trying out a new organizing technique called, “Piles”.

Truthfully, I don’t have anything put away.

I think I just heard the whole world say, “Well duh”.

What I mean is that the closet is empty except for that “pile” and the storage I had I removed and put somewhere else in my house. The dresser that formerly held my fabric is empty because I’m not sure I want to keep the green dresser in my office.

I think the biggest problem aside from having crap everywhere is that I don’t know how to get myself organized to work as a project leader for BraveHearts, Blog, and have a space for getting crafty.

I think this brings up the question that generations of men and women have pondered.

Can I have a space that functions well within 3 distinct roles and be cute?

I know what you’re thinking.

It’s impossible.


We’ll see if I can find my answer with the help of my readers, Pinterest, and anything else I can find for inspiration.

I’d like to break this down into a few topics and I’m begging you to be my muse!

Craft/Blog Desk

Sewing Desk

Ministry/Non-profit work Desk

Storage for office supplies

Storage for craft supplies

If you have suggestions, ideas, or links to products please send them my way! You can leave comments or go to my Facebook.

We can design this room together!


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  1. michelle lorenzo

    i found an easy desk/shelves idea online and modified it for my craft station. they took a large 2 sided bookshelf and a kitchen table, split the table down the middle and put it half on one side of the shelves and half on the other side.

    I have a large kitchen table along one wall of my studio and a short bookcase in the corner on top of it.

    here’s the inspiration link: http://thecsiproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/double-desk.jpg

    good luck!

  2. Gail

    it does seem to be a never ending process. I’m not looking for “cute”, just functional. lol good luck with your room.

  3. Beth@UnderAPileOfScrap!

    Oh dear… I had no idea there was a twin crap room to MINE!! As a matter of fact, my blog isn’t called Under A Pile of Scrap! for nothing. I even used to have a cat thrown in the mix as well. I do believe it qualifies as a fitness regimen just to get from one side of the room to the other, don’t you think? I hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel with yours, because I’m not sure when I will, even though I’ve been trying hard to get it more organized.


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