I received PureBond plywood to enhance the exterior of my antique booth and while I’m eternally grateful to work with this company, their gifts in no way altered my opinions of their hardwood plywood. I’m bringing you this review based on my experience of the company’s representatives and their product. 

Last week Big Daddy finished trimming in the 2×4’s with a wonderful product called PureBond Plywood. What’s PureBond you say? Well, glad you asked.

PureBond® hardwood plywood from Columbia Forest Products gives me peace of mind. PureBond panels are made from the best quality hardwood plywood. Often you’ll see PureBond used in making cabinetry, closet systems, fine furniture, architectural millwork and probably for the first time ever, an antique booth!

PureBond Dets:


The owner of Make, Inc. had this to say about PureBond, “Years ago I worked in someone else’s shop where cabinets were made with MDF. We wore respirators and despite this I would have a headache and feel nauseated at the end of each day. I wondered what kind of toll this was taking on my brain? PureBond gave me an opportunity to get away from formaldehyde for myself, my employees, and my clients.”

I’m telling you that was pretty powerful for me.

Check out these beauties!





This stuff saved my entire project. Here are the problems we were faced with.

1. We needed to tear down the existing front facade which meant we needed to build something incredibly sturdy and safe. I felt a tremendous pressure to do the right thing at every design decision since this booth wouldn’t be mine forever. I mean I hope I’ll be running The Hunter’s Alley out of this booth but we all know how life has a way with changing our plans. In the end, someone else will inherit our handy work, for better or worse. Also, we knew there were such things as building codes and fire inspectors who would be peeping in on our progress. And if we got it wrong it would have to be done again. Let’s just say Big Daddy and I are not in the biz of doing things twice.


2. The materials that had been used on the booth and throughout the Woodstock Market were a type of pressed board that had a very uneven textured feel. My design called for a super slick surface so that my high gloss paint would look elegant and not like a horror show. Where do I find solid, quality wood that would do my design any visual justice?

Here’s a pic of one of the booths before it was painted.


Here’s a closeup of the material once painted that was the exterior to our booth. See what I mean? I couldn’t possibly get a smooth finish.


PureBond plywood.

I knew immediately that this product was it.

I was introduced to this company last summer at a blogger conference. At the time (and even now) I had plans to build a mid century modern desk. The folks at PureBond said they’re products could handle it. But I wanted a lux walnut wood and can you say hello mega dollar signs. The folks at PureBond again said no problem. Wait, I could really get my walnut look for less?

After about 10 minutes of staring at their beautifully stained veneers I was completely sold. P.S. They offered to give me some samples after they could see my mini obsession growing over the beautiful finishes. Totally nice of them to enable my furniture obsession 🙂

Ok, in DIY land veneer can be a 6 letter word. The more I learned though the more I can see that certain veneers can tell a story of quality furniture rather than poorly made. Did you know this?

The quality and thickness of a veneer matters. And in this case, I think PureBond has got the quality fo’ sho’.

What I love about the folks at PureBond is that they totally get bloggers like me. So when they happen upon a random email that details out a antique booth reno, they were all in. How amazing!

I knew all I needed to do was take Big Daddy into Home Depot and show him the plywood to get the 2 thumbs up. And can I just say prior to working with PureBond we were discussing MDF but we just never felt that it would hold up on the exterior of a structure. Big Daddy was totally impressed with me. I’d scored. We’d disagreed on the MDF thing for weeks and here we were totally in sync.

Here’s where we leave you today. Big Daddy also included recessed spot lighting in each display window and in the ceiling above the entrance. Bad news? We might need to address a potential issue with the fire code people. Oy vey. The booth is at a stand still until we figure it out. Prayers appreciated that no part of our precious booth has to be torn down in any way.


The wood is beautiful isn’t it? We’ve had countless customers comment on the quality of wood and how crazy cool the lights are! I think we are really creating a place that will make you want to come inside! I’m loving it so far!



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  1. DeDe Bailey

    Wow, you are doing an incredible job on your booth. I love the feel of PureBond and you made the right decision to use it instead of the ugly stuff!

  2. Shannon from Bohemian Junktion

    The booth is coming along great and looks amazing. I’ll have to try PureBond after reading what you wrote.

  3. karen@somewhatquirkydesign

    WOW! Looking great Christine! PureBond has such a nice finish. It’s like your building with pieces of furniture. Good luck with the inspectors.


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