Have you ever been on Pinterest and seen Pins like this…


Pinners claim that everyday objects like a lemon and honey can give you perfect skin. Or what about the never ending list of things White Vinegar can do.  This Pin claims that Dawn dish soap can both repel ants and clean your windows.

So, like many of you I repin these kinds of Pins on one of my many boards assuming I’ll need it one day and assuming that it will actually work.

Then it hit me. What if these Pins are useless? Has anyone tested, verified, or even asked where the information is coming from?

This is what I’m going to do for you!  Every Tuesday I’ll report back to you guys about a Pin that claims to be a great….anything!

If you have a Pin that you want me to test just add a comment below and I’ll choose one or two for the following week! I’m excited to try this! It’s like MythBusters meets Martha Stewart! At the end of each review I’ll tell you whether you should Pin It or Pass!

I guess you can call me the Mad Scientist, I mean, Mad Pinterest.

Wish me luck!

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