This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with my old college roommate, Jackie.

I met Jackie in the Fall of 1995. It was our senior year of high school. I’d moved from North Carolina to Michigan just months before my senior year of high school. Moving my all-important-high-school-life in such a dramatic fashion was challenging and quite possibly the catalyst for the curiosity I have with living in other places.

Jackie was a sweet, somewhat reserved, very smart, athletic, and grounded mid-westerner with whom I felt an instant connection.

We agreed to become roomies at Central Michigan University. I have extremely fond memories of campus, dorm life, classes (the ones I went to), and extra curricular activities. And before ya’ll go down the wrong path let me tell you I was a no drug and very little drinking kind of girl. The activities I’m referring to were the get-involved-in-everything-on-campus kind of activities.

There was floor hockey. Hall council. Late night cheesy bread sticks and Ben and Jerry’s runs. The time my car caught on fire. Having the 3am shift at the front desk. And for me and my roomie the most important role we’d played as a dynamic duo was as dorm recycling coordinators.

Our campaign slogan was, “If you want to keep it GREEN vote for Jackie & Christine!” Pretty intense political savvy if you ask me.

Guys, this was way before the blue bins. We used boxes from the grocery store and put them on each floor. Then we sifted through the gross in order to carry the boxes down several flights of stairs where we would sort paper or plastic into the appropriate bins in the alley behind the dorm. It was a grungy job for sure.

After two years as roommates in the dorms, Jackie moved out and into off campus living while I stayed behind to face new challenges as an RA.

Jackie and I lived very different lives and lost touch. Of course I’ve been Facebook stalking her life on and off for the last several years.

I still can’t believe she’s been a wife for 9 years and a mom to two littles. Blows my mind every time I think about it.

But we hadn’t actually exchanged texts, emails, or calls for the last 15 years. How does 15 years slip through your fingers so easily. So quickly.

We were just girls living out one giant slumber party. And now here we are just a bit older and hopefully much wiser women.

jackie and christine2

The picture above was taken yesterday in Augusta, Ga. And the picture below was taken somewhere in 1996. We’re actually inside of a abandon caboose. We found this wreckage on one of our random road trips.

jackie and christine

I also found this picture of Jackie and I with our 2nd year roommate Rhonda.

I know what you’re thinking. My hair is bomb-tastic. But I think our Twister-like picture posing is the best. We were the girls of Trout Hall Room 303.

As I was driving the 3 hours back home after meeting Jackie, I was thinking about who we were and all that our lives have yet to be.

I have my personal regrets of not keeping in touch.

I realized that even good things come from loosing a friendship.

Finding it again.

This week I found something intrinsically fabulous. Good memories, warm laughter, and sincerity.

Jackie B. you are my fab find.

Anyone out there regret loosing touch with a good friend? What are you gonna do about it?

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  1. Rhonda "jones" Plagens ;)

    This is such a great post! I am so glad you guys reconnected and rediscovered the great friendship you had, and will continue on. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos you shared. 🙂


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