If there’s one thing I love (when it comes to home decor) more than blue it’s a greek key pattern.  So I was waiting in the cut line at Joannes the other day when I spotted the ever-growing choices of burlap.  I was all “hold the line” Joanne I gotta have me some greek key.  Upon closer inspection I realized it was blue.  Ah yeah.

Gree Key Message Board

I’ve had this cork board/message board fo’ eva.  That’s the way it is in this house. Snag it when you see it (at Goodwill) and then come back to it when the stars align for the perfect DIY project.

Greek Key Message Board2

The great thing about using burlap for a cork message board is that the burlap has a loose weave (holes in the fabric) so I figured that unlike regular material, when I poke it with a push pin over and over again, the holes will be less noticeable.

Greek Key Message Board6

I finally broke out this bad boy to staple the burlap to the back of the frame on my message board.  Since this is my first time using a nail/staple gun I have no idea if I was using it correctly.  I had to go back after each staple and hammer it in completely.  Anyone else experience this?  I guess it could have been the type of wood I was stapling into or maybe I wasn’t pressing the gun firmly to the surface?

Greek Key Message Board5

Here’s my greek goddess all stapled up.  I was a little worried about the corners coming out all wonky but after a few staples in the center of the top then bottom and then left and right side, I went all crazy and stapled every 1/2 inch. After each side was stapled I just trimmed the excess burlap (to use another day, yay!).  After you trim the fat so to speak the corners do just fine.

Greek Key Message Board3

I knew I wanted to dress it up a bit by adding nailhead trim so I went to Home Depot and came back with 5 packages of upholstery nails and started banging away.  I probably put in about 50 or 60 nails around the frame when I gave up. It was crooked and looked sloppy.  I did anticipate this would happen so I just marched my little tush to Hancock Fabrics (Joannes has them too) for a roll of nailhead trim.  This is basically a string of fake nails (no pins attached the nailhead) with a space that you can hammer in a real nail to hold the string of fakes in place.  This stuff is okay.  I mean I wouldn’t use it on furniture but for this project it was worth it.

Greek Key Message Board7

You can tell the difference between the the fake ones and the real ones.  Perhaps it was just the brand or color I chose? Otherwise, I’m very happy with this little DIY.  It didn’t end up real cheap for me but you could always use what you have and make it work.  I just can’t say no to greek key.


Cork Board: $2 (Goodwill)

Greek Key Burlap: 9.99/yd before coupon and I bought a yard.  You’ll only need 1/2 a yard. (Joannes)

Nailhead Trim: 17.99 at Hancock Fabrics or 21.99 at Joannes.  I bought my at Hancocks on sale for 13.00.

So overall this wasn’t super cheap but I have a ton of fabric plus nailhead trim to use for other projects so I’m happy with the way everything went down.

Greek Key Message Board4

Sorry for the way this photo turned out…I hung it up in the little hallway by the back door where there isn’t direct light. I’ll be back with some cute DIY pushpins to snazz this up. Is that even possible? 😉


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  1. the cape on the corner

    that nailhead trim makes it. love the patter and color, too.

  2. marlin

    What a beautiful message board ! love the color and the Greek key design !!

  3. Kayla Janachovsky

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your message board as one of my Top Three from last week’s The DIY’ers link party! Thanks again for linking up!


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