Happy Valentine’s Day you crazy lovers! And Happy Birthday to my youngest!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Brilliant Earth, an ethically sourced diamond company, and asked to participate in a little love challenge. The challenge? To create my own photo representation of love and explain it. There were literally no rules and I’m not getting paid in diamonds (or anything else for that matter!). I just thought it would be a good time and if I can mention a diamond company who promises to harvest pure diamonds responsibly, then count me in!

You know Big Daddy is my #1 and always will be but there is a little kitty that has been my great companion through many ups and downs and so I thought I would go all crazy cat lady on you and create a little photo love with Baby Sofia is mind.

Here she is….awww….

Baby Sofia 2014

Now that’s a sweet face!

And this is my kitty inspired valentine. Cause even furkids need a little love.

my kitty valentine

This was a really fun and quick little project. If you want to show your furkid some love too this is how I made my valentine.

First I found this image and printed it out onto white card stock.

my kitty valentine4

Then I wrote the word “love” in a loose fluid cursive with a pencil.

my kitty valentine3

I used a larger needle and red embroidery floss and stitched my way over the word love. This will not be an exact science but give it your best shot!

my kitty valentine2

I’m pretty sure Big Daddy looked at this and pretended to be able read the love in my stitching. I think it legible though! This was my first time “sewing” cardstock and it was so easy and I think it turned out really cute!

my kitty valentine

For those who haven’t caught my vision let me explain. When I saw this image of the cat I saw my baby kitty looking up at me nearly 12 years ago expecting me to play with her. When she was younger a little string fluttering through the air was all she needed to feel connected with me. These days though she’s a little less play-prone and opts for a long snooze on my lap. She learned she could count on me. I learned I could count on her to be a little bit of furry love when the world was harsh.

I feel a little silly for getting sappy over a cat but if you knew me and you really knew the ups and downs I’ve traversed, then you might find yourself applauding my little kitty valentine for her unconditional love.

I guess that’s what I want to do today. I want to find my unconditional loves out there and applaud them. Not just Baby Sofia. Big Daddy deserves a standing ovation.

Last week Big Daddy and I spoke at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our talk centers around love, sex, and relationships. It’s a pretty rare thing to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of students and tell your story but I think the story we tell together, side by side, is one in a million.

Today I hope you get a chance to applaud those who’ve shown you unconditional love!




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