I care about girls and women. I rage against the injustice that occurs all around us. I rage against the shear ignorance of other women who allow themselves to become the oppressed, the victim, and the joke.

By the way, how many blonde jokes have you laughed at? Or worse, how many blonde jokes have you told? How many times have you heard this, she runs/fights/plays/competes like a girl? How many times have you thought it?

Ask Big Daddy about the way my brain runs a marathon over this issue. Ask Big Daddy how to get me to lose control. I start thinking and talking about women. About our girls destined for the same journey that we blindly follow.

I care about women around the country, around the world. I’ve listened to the broken hearts from Kenya to Bosnia, and from Texas to Virginia. This proclamation is strange in light of my current feelings about attending a conference next week where the attendees are predominately women. My current feelings about it are of absolute dread. I want to attend the conference for the purest reasons, to learn the material. But if you ask other attendees they’re likely just as motivated to attend for the socializing aspect. As adults we like to call it networking. But it’s really just recess for our otherwise mundane day in and day out lives.

I dread the way we look at each other. Ignore each other. I dread the way we walk into a room with either a “I don’t exist” demeanor or “I’m the only one that exists”. But this post wasn’t going to be about that it’s suppose to be about a video I saw and I wanted to share it with someone. I wanted to share it with you. I have to post it here because my other blog is broken. And while several important issues have kept me reeling this week. I had to break my rule of posting non-diy/crafty stuff just to stop the marathon in my mind.

I hope you watch this. I really hope you change. I want so much of the way women are to be different. We could help our daughters. Maybe they could walk into a room neither self defeated nor self inflated. Maybe they could walk into the room with the sole purpose of speaking love into another girls life. Wouldn’t that change things?


So, what do you think of this video?


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  1. Jaclyn Burke Barcroft

    I finally watched that video yesterday after seeing it posted on several people’s wall. It was really eye opening! I will do better in my thoughts, words, and actions as I raise my children to be aware of this stereotype and to break it! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Karen Heath

    Amazing. And sad. Almost as sad as the Comcast commercial! hope you’re having a great trip, seeing all kinds of wonderful stuff, and enjoying the company.


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