So, I thought I would try out a new blog series called, “Stuff I Learned This Week”. I always love reading Michael Hyatt’s (I shared my fav blogs including Michael’s here.) blog for new tech-y tidbits and I realized that I know stuff that you might want to know.

Let’s try this out!

1. I learned how to capture a screen shot on my Mac

Sorry PC peeps this is a Mac only factoid. I love me some Mac computers and recently I was asked to email a screen shot of a web page. Um, sure I can do that with a little www research I found a simple answer.

To capture a screen shot of one of your windows hold down your Command key, Shift, and 4. You’ll see a cross hair icon show up and you can crop the screen, release your mouse, and you’ll hear the camera snag the shot! Your image should land on your desktop. For more information, check out this article.

2.  I learned how to send electronic agreements to recipients for their electronic signature

EchoSign, a product of Adobe, is an automated electronic signature and web contracting solution that features the easiest signing experience in the industry. Instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online.

You may be wondering why I’d need to know this for the blog. At this point I don’t but I do run a non-profit called Women Stand Up! International!

You’ll need to sign up for an account but it’s free. The rest is fairly simple and straight forward. Enter email addresses of the recipients and attach the document you need them to e-sign, and send. Pretty awesome right?!

3.  I learned that Michaels appreciates Military service and Teachers!

Did you know I’m an Army veteran? Yesterday I found out that my Michaels offers 10% off your ENTIRE order including sale items for Military every Wednesday!!!!!! I’m busting! Make sure to check with your local Michaels for details. This may only last through the Memorial Day holiday but I’m taking advantage of it now!

While on Michaels website I also noticed that Teachers get 15% (um, why do you all get more?!) every day! Whoo hoo! Again, check with your local store for details.

So tell me what you learned this week. Did you already know how to do the things I just learned?

Come on ya’ll let’s get smart together!


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