I’ve Been Hacked! Now What?

On Friday I received an email from my web hosting company letting me know that my site, Women Stand Up!, had been hacked. Immediately I was in disbelief. I quickly pulled up my website to find the horrifying truth. My hacker even left his calling card complete with music, his “name”, and the words, “You’ve been hacked.” Thanks.  Awesome.

After being faced with this proof I became angry and sad. Who would do this? Why me? Why my site? I’m just a nobody with a small ministry. Did they target me? What kind of person does this?


We did a search of my hacker, Scorpion, and found that this young punk had put his grimy keystrokes in where they didn’t belong all across the web. There was even a picture of him. Just a kid. Did I miss something? When did we raise kids who said, “when I grow up I want to be a hacker and jack up everyones websites”.

It got me thinking about this little blog and whether it could happen again. I know many of you are bloggers and might also benefit from a little help if the need ever arises.

Our first question, of course, was how do we get this hacker’s page off of MY site? How do we fix the leak (so to speak)?

Solostream, a wordpress premium theme designer, wrote a 3 part tutorial on resolving your site’s hack attack and it’s short and easy to follow. Here are the links to the 3 tutorials just in case your wordpress site gets hacked.

How to Fix Your WordPress Site If It Gets Hacked

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Here are a few of my quick tips for PREVENTING a hack attack.

1. Update, Update, Update! You must update all plugins, theme, and WordPress to their latest version.

2. Delete ALL plugins and/or themes you downloaded, tested, but then decided not to use. Hackers use anything that has been downloaded even if it’s not active on your live site.

3. Change your wordpress password to something that is challenging. Lots of upper case letters, lower case letters, %, and numbers. Don’t worry about remembering it for daily use, just click the remember me option.

While I fix my broken website and prevent an attack here, you can enjoy a compilation of less harmful hackers.

Jen of I Heart Organizing put together two Expedits to create a corner storage piece. She topped it with an upholstered cushion so now it’s seating as well. There is room for ten storage baskets! This rocks my socks off! And it’s the perfect shade of green and blue that I’m obsessed with!

The nice bloggers at IkeaHackers found this Tradig Red Bowl and created this awesome chandelier!

I LOVE poufs! This one is on the top of my wish list! Check out how 3 Ikea rugs can stitch up to make this beauty! Erika from Retropolitan  just made the world a better place with this “cushy piece of bum lovin’ “.

Have you been hacked? What did you do?


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