Let’s start with the “& More” bit of this here post. I’ve been rudely silent for at least 2 weeks and I thought I would apologize to you and let you know what I’ve been up to.

First, after what seemed like a crazy month in May, Big Daddy and I snuck off to Asheville, North Carolina for a little R&R time at a beautiful little B&B. Asheville is overflowing with earthy people who just want to make art. And I can respect that. Asheville is a beautiful small town surrounded by the Appalachian mountains. Oh how I love mountains.

Big Daddy wanted this trip to be for me. Mountains, art, and great shopping. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the weekend.

Second, I’ve taken on more and more responsibility within Big Daddy’s non-profit organization called BraveHearts. BraveHearts exists to help men develop sexual integrity and healthy intimacy. I’ve been heading up the marketing campaigns, redesigning the website (which isn’t complete), and creating the Spouse Advocacy Project. The organization was created to help men but what we’ve discovered over the years is that women need help too. While BraveHearts’ mission hasn’t changed and won’t change, BraveHearts is partnering with my organization, Women Stand Up! to support women whose significant other is addicted to pornography and/or involved in other unhealthy sexual behaviors. In fact, I’m now mentoring women whose husbands are receiving help from BraveHearts.

So, things are changing a bit. I’m trying to get use to the balance of it all. Crafty village is packed full of yard sale items and furniture in varying stages of transformation. I’m still getting crafty with my bad self so no need to write off the blog but just know it will be a little more inconsistent than my normal inconsistency.

Ok, moving on to my little Met, Wed, Live poster!

I’m really happy with the way this turned out. I’d seen people do variations of this and I wanted one of my own! It really didn’t take me too long. I chose map images of where we met, where we got married, and where we currently live and created this 16″ x 20″ art piece for the home.

I was having a hard time getting a decent photo so I took it outside to see if it was better.

Not so much. Well here are the close ups of the individual hearts. I think they’re so cute!


Isn’t this fun?! I created this in Photoshop and then ordered a 16″ x 20″ photo print from Costco.com for $6. My frame was purchased at Hobby Lobby for around $15 (on sale).

If you don’t have Photoshop and would like me to make you your very own “Met, Wed, Live” poster, I’d love to!

You can visit my Etsy page to order your own poster. Don’t forget to let me know upon checkout the 3 locations you’d like to highlight and the dates of when you met and wed your love!

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  1. Audra @ Renewed Projects

    I love this idea! Map crafts are so much fun and I love the personalization on this one! This is going into my project to-do list. Think I’ll add one for the places the kids were born, too. Great keepsake for years to come!

  2. becolorful

    Love it. It’s simple fun and personalized. This is definitely pin-worthy. 😀
    Thanks for linking up to BeColorful.

  3. Taylor @ Our Family World

    You sound like you have been really busy! Loved hearing about BraveHearts and Women Stand Up! Love this poster, too – just beautiful!


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