So I know it’s been awhile and even though I have a million painting projects half done that I just can’t seem to finish, I’m here to talk about food.

I’ve never talked about cooking, baking, or food here on the blog and I probably won’t make it a habit but one of the things that I wanted to focus in on after the Army was being proficient in the kitchen.

I lack self esteem when it comes to all things cooking. I think it started when I was a kid with a mother who didn’t teach me to cook because she thought I would burn the house down. Potentially a good call but still.

When I cook I do pretty well. I make Big Daddy his favorite Pineapple Upside Down cake for his birthday each year. Oh wait, now that I think of it I messed that up this year. Oops. Sorry Big Daddy.

Moving on.

I do a mean corn casserole and sloppy joes. And I do a lot of out of the box cooking which isn’t very creative nor is it great for our health.

So lately I’ve been thinking about a system that would work for me. I decided to buy a photo album and use the plastic covered pages to hold 4×6 recipe cards I found online.

I’m sure you’ve seen these photo books. In fact, you may have a few laying around. I bought mine at Goodwill for less than $2. It had never been used. My picture makes the book look purple but it’s more a gray blue just like the stand it’s sitting in. I got that on clearance from TJ Maxx for $5.

Check out these cute recipe cards that I found! The cards were provided for free by Love vs Design. You may want to just subscribe to the blog because it’s awesome! By the way, if you aren’t following my Pinterest Printables board you ought to. The best thing about these free printables is they are editable in the sense that you can type your recipe right into the document. This is awesome news for those whose handwriting isn’t that cute.

Last night I used my crock pot/slow cooker for the first time. It was pretty awesome. I made BBQ chicken. I threw it in frozen, people! This is my kind of cookin’!

Before I get back to work I thought I’d better explain the title of the post. It may seem weird to talk about creating your own book of recipes when the title of the post says “I love to cook without a book”.

Kind of a sweet story.

Big Daddy and I went driving one Saturday to “see what we could see” which by the way is our philosophy when we don’t have a plan for the day. Anyways, we stopped at this roadside antique-y place and Big Daddy found this framed needlepoint.

I thought Big Daddy was kidding when he said he wanted to buy it for me. I also wasn’t sure if this was a compliment or an insult! He assured me that it was a compliment. I can tell you I’ve made up a recipe or two. I wasn’t sure how this needlepoint inspiration was going to fit into my kitchen but it fits. Big Daddy knows me so well. And for some reason as I yell out the phrase “I love to cook without a book” with an exaggerated “ook” we both get a good heart-filled laugh.

Sometimes it just feels good to see what you can see and cook what you can cook.

I hope that you get a chance to see what you can see today.

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