Happy Fall! Even though it’s still like a million degrees here in the deep south I’m calling FALL ya’ll!

This is my first crafty post in awhile so I thought I’d ease back into this, k? But first, I just wanted to thank all of you for the kind words you’ve said about Austen. Sometimes, in situations of helplessness it feels pretty good to help in some way. I don’t know who donated to the Austen Everett Foundation but I like to think it was some of you reading. I took a mental note and since my post Austen’s Foundation has raised several hundred dollars. Her story was also featured at MercyINK’s link party, thanks Lauren! So, I just want you to know I really appreciate the time you took to read Austen’s story.

The Sock Clip

I’ve lost around 487 socks in my lifetime. How about you? They go in but they don’t come out. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle in my dryer. But with the Sock Clip I’ve lost ZERO! Big Daddy thinks I deserve the Pulitzer or something for instituting this craft in our home.

Supplies Needed

1. Big Clothes Pin Clip. I got mine at Michaels for $1 but I’ve seen them at Hobby Lobby as well. Heck, you probably could use a potato chip bag clip if you wanted.

2. Hot Glue or E6000.

3. Magnets. Make sure they’re strong magnets and not those wimpy craft ones. I think I got mine at Joanne Fabric.


Decorate your clip with paint or fabric and then glue the magnet to the back of the clip. Yep, that’s it! I slapped my clip to the front of the washer and now every time a sock comes out of the dryer without its better half, it gets clipped until the dryer lets the other sock come home.

Big Daddy and I have been using this for months and it’s AWESOME!

The Mystery of the Missing Sock is solved. Case closed. Thanks Scooby Doo.

I’m linking this project herehere and here.

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12 Responses

  1. Crystelle Boutique

    Only 487 lost sock…??? Are you sure it wasn’t 488..????
    What a terrific organized and CUTE idea! You are so creative….

  2. Meg @ Nutmeg Place

    GREAT idea and super cute too!

    Thanks for sharing at The All Star Block Party!

  3. cathy@My 1929 Charmer

    Great idea, cute and so practical, since I lose as many socks and I buy! Awesome idea and thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s
    Best – you helped make the party a success!

  4. Nicole@Show Off Friday

    That’s a great idea. But I think we are too far gone! We have a bin full of mismatched socks. I would need a whole wall to pin them up on. Whenever I finally give up on one and throw it away, the other one suddenly appears. I’m sure there is a sock eating monster lurking somewhere in our house!

  5. Mackenzie Rollins

    SO SMART! You are a featured favorite this week on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! Thanks so much for sharing last week! Hope to see you again this weekend! 🙂
    Mackenzie 🙂


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