Have you ever had so many good ideas that you had a hard time deciding on the great idea? I’ve had a beautiful brass chandelier circa 1990’s in my craft room ready…actually begging to be painted and yet I cannot make a decision.

Does this happen to anyone else? Well, I’m hoping you guys can help me! I’d like to hang this above my dining/kitchen table but I just don’t know what direction to take. Big Daddy and I aren’t fancy people so I don’t want glitz but I don’t want boring or predictable. But I don’t want to go too wild because well we aren’t that either.

Big Daddy and I both love blue in any shade. So of course I was drawn to this…

It’s difficult to say but this looks midnight blue. Almost purple even.

Of course, I love using my oil rubbed bronze spray paint…

But that will be too dark in our basement level condo with no windows. So, I could go white or something bright like yellow?

I’m sure you’d like to know what other elements are in the dining/family room but let’s pretend that this chandelier will be the starting point from which all other design decisions will be birthed from. Do you see why I have painters block? I’m no designer!

In case you’re wondering my chandelier most closely resembles the one with the oil rubbed bronze finish except I don’t have as many arms. I also have shades that I could recover.

Please please get me through this very indecisive part of my personality!

Question: Which color would you spray paint the chandelier? Shades or no shades?



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  1. Atta Girl

    I like the yellow! Or maybe a robin’s egg blue. I’m currently in love with a glass spa blue chandelier, though. And I have painter’s block all the time. What makes us so indecisive?


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