Like many of you I dislike faux flowers BUT I bought a few at Garden Ridge yesterday and since they were 75% off I couldn’t resist! In fact these sassy stems cost around 35 cents each! If you’ve ever tried to pick up a few florals you know that these fancy fakes can cost anywhere from $5 to $10! Geez, what ARE they smokin’? Actually, I think I did pretty good picking out the fake flowers that looked real.

I found this chicken wire basket at an estate sale for $2!

With a roll of moss I got to work making this into a floral arrangement.

I ran out of the moss so I added a bit of burlap around the base of the floral stems and tied a bow with twine.

I think it turned out pretty sweet! I have it hanging on the wall but I actually intended to have this hang on the front door.  Not sure yet!

Sorry for the dark pictures but it was nighty night time and ya’ll know I don’t have a lot of light inside!

And here is the TRUE reason for my new found faux flower purchase…

Sofia has enjoyed munching on her fair share of anniversary and birthday bouquets. And just like always she HAS to be apart of the process. I love her anyways 🙂

Question: Do you use the fake flowers in your home?

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