I was at my local Goodwill when I saw these bad boys…

This find is exciting because Big Daddy and his entire family are die hard Notre Dame fans and with High School football ramping up I knew I HAD to have them! These aren’t the cheap kind of bleacher seats they are leather with a nice cushion so when I came across 2 brand new ones for $1.91 each I knew I would be thoroughly appreciated by Big Daddy when I brought them home!

I was curious just how good my fab find was so I checked online for a comparison and I found this one…

The cost of this version is between $20 and $30! So I potentially could have spent between $40 and $60 bucks! Wow! Instead I spent $3.82 plus I LOVE the design on mine so much more!


Question: What are you doing to get ready for the kids fall sports season?

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