THE most amazing mirror was at Goodwill yesterday and I just about lost it. I didn’t run across the store to greet it with a warm embrace or anything but I did sorta push a lady out of the way. Ma’am, if you happen to be reading this I just want to apologize for my over zealous thrifting alter ego.

And if she is reading this then I’m sure she’ll agree that this mirror was worth a sprint or a push to get it.

Let me give you some numbers to help illustrate how fab this find truly is.

$25 bones. The cost of the mirror to take it home. Yes, even $25 bucks seems like a bit much for me to spend on a little ol’ mirror but boy am I glad I did.

$658.50. The retail cost of this mirror. You too can have a fab find like mine for the low, low price of $658.50. And if you are buying this mirror for that much then you should take me out to lunch.

$439.00. The sale price. What a deal! You can find it here.

Can you believe my luck?!? This mirror weighs 28 lbs and measures 24W x 50H. Jaw dropping gorgeous if you ask me. There is one imperfection on the mirror. A chip on one of the many mirrors that frame the center mirror. But you totally can’t even see it!

I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for this. It feels very much like hanging your best diamond necklace on a wall. I know I shouldn’t love “stuff” but this beauty has got my number. Call me maybe?

In case you’re wondering this is a Murray Feiss Venice Mirror. Anyone hear of this fella?

I’d love to hear about your fab finds!

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  1. Christine Graves

    I think I would have “nudged” someone out of the wayy too if I saw that….it’s a keeper!

    • ccleahy

      LOL what if you and I were after the same mirror…we might nudge each other to the ground!


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