The Williams and Sonoma Glass Hurricane

I realize that this crafty creation is a bit retro since its debut in 2009 on the blog-o-sphere BUT it’s really cheap and crazy cool.  So, why don’t you sit back while I blog you a blast from the past!

I went back to this classic hack when I needed to produce 10 centerpieces for 10 top round tables at my event called I Am Enough.  I was thrilled that I was able to rent the main ballroom at a beautiful country club!  But then the realization of what to put in that beautiful room hit me like, well, a hurricane!

So I did what any desperate non-creative creative does.  Search Google.  Prior to this project I didn’t see the plethora of potential that is The Dollar Tree.  Thankfully, I’m in the know now!

The tutorial is very easy and if you’re a beginner like me then this is the perfect crafty confidence builder!  I started with 10 glass cylinder vases about 7 inches tall from the Dollar Tree and 10 glass candle stick holders.  BEFORE you go running to your local store think about how many pieces you need.  If you’re crafting dozens of centerpieces for a wedding then I suggest ordering a case (12 in a box) and have it sent to your local store.  That way you don’t have to run to 6 different stores like I did!  Silly, silly me.

Alright ladies, Let’s Get Crafty!  Fire up those glue sticks!  Use your glue gun to lay down a healthy amount of glue to the top of the candlestick holder (the rim that would hold the candle).  Center the candlestick holder to the bottom of the glass vase and press!  You can also put a heavy book on top to press down the glue.  I just used my super chic strength to hold them together!

Ok, let’s slap on our decorator’s hat.  When I first made these it was during the Christmas season and so I wanted a simple red and white theme with sparkle!  I got a variety of Christmas ball ornaments with red glitter and sequence and placed them into my new glass hurricanes.  They were fabulous!  For the summer

I’ve done something a little nautical.  I poured about 1 cup of sand (not dirt!) into the vase and then placed a white pillar candle on top.  I used a twisting motion to secure the candle into the sand.  For you mommy bloggers out there this might even get you playing with your kids in their sandbox!

What do you think?  I’ll try some other varieties including replacing the sand with ground coffee!  YUM YUM!

I would appreciate your thoughts and inspiration!

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  1. Janina

    Very cool. How about a couple layers of dried beans with a candle instead of sand? For a summer centerpiece a mixture of sea shells would look nice and maybe some small pine cones mixed with some small round ornaments for a holiday table (or just the small pine cones). The possibilities are endless and I’ve got to go to my Dollar Tree so I can make one up. Thanks!

    • ccleahy

      You’re right, the possibilities ARE endless! That’s the way I like it. I love having a piece that’s versatile through different seasons! This is truly an easy project that gives alot of reward!

      • Janina

        Here’s a cool tip, try the bowl or balloon thing but mix up some white glue and water and dip pieces of brown paper bags into this mixture and apply to the bowl/balloon to form a bowl that, when dried, should end up looking like worn leather. Use some used paper bags if you have any, because some wrinkles in the bag add that “worn” look.

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