I don’t know how or even when I stumbled upon Ms. Ana White’s builder blog but I was so impressed!  And by impressed I mean obsessed!  Really, what ever this blog becomes can be all traced back to that fateful day.  Ana made me realize I could do things I never would have imagined were possible.  But it was BeingBrook’s craft table that sent me down a DIY road that has got me dreaming about my next post!  But since this is only my 2nd blog entry maybe I should back up a little….

In September 2011 I left active duty in the United States Army and moved from the DC area (where I was stationed) to Atlanta, GA.  Big Daddy (my hubs) lived in HOT-Lanta for eva before the Army whisked us away.  So moving back was like going home for him and well, for me too in a weird way.

If you’re military then you know a few things that are always true regardless of the branch of service, MOS, or duty station.  The first is that 0 dark 30 is the only reading on your clock and the creative part of your brain goes into hibernation.

I fell asleep for about 4 years and then started my non-profit called, Women Stand Up! International and started speaking on colleges campuses.  With all this I realized that I still wanted a creative outlet and thus Let’s Get Crafty was blogged!

History lesson over.

I found a huge dresser at Goodwill for $19.99!  Wowza!  It was in pretty bad shape but I was confident I could go all “BeingBrook” on it but Big Daddy was less then convinced.  I scoured blogs for the how to and made a shopping list.  Now, I had my concerns since my place is a 2 bedroom condo with no garage but I was tired of waiting for the space to make something!

A few muscle relaxers later the big ol’ dresser was in my house.

BTW, I’m very sorry for the photo quality.  At the time I took these pictures (with my iphone) I didn’t know I’d be posting and blogging for the world.  I hope to have a real camera some day soon!  I get some beginner grace, right?

I really wish I could find the blog I used before beginning but I just can’t remember!

I began by taking off all hardware and doors.  I then donned my spiffy gardening gloves with a grippy kind of material on the palm to do some sanding.  Here is a pic of some similar but I found mine at TJ Maxx.  Whether you are new or old to sanding, this kind of glove is a big win!

I used a few sheets of 100 grit and an all purpose sanding block for the big flat surfaces.  I also bought tack cloth to wipe down the dresser after I was finished sanding.  You could also just use a rag (I bought rags and tack cloth from Home Depot’s paint department).  Since this was my first furniture paint I took to the net for research.  I can tell you that the chic whose blog I followed was right on so I’ll pay that bit forward.  But as I gain experience I’ll be able to bring you other options.


Materials Used

  • Kilz Original Primer
  • Behr Satin in SwissCoffee
  • Floetral Latex Paint Additive
  • Penetral Oil Paint Additive
  • 2″ angled brush
  • 4″ foam roller
  • Tack cloth
  • Sandpaper/Sandblock
  • Latex gloves
  • Gardening/Sanding gloves
  • Canvas drop cloths

Before I primed I added my paint additive to help with those pesky brush strokes.  I did the same thing with SwissCoffee.  I can’t remember which additive goes with which paint but the directions on the paint additives make it clear.  I put a healthy layer of primer on and then two coats (follow directions on your product for appropriate drying time) of Behr’s SwissCoffee.  I love this color white!  LOL!  It’s beautiful and creamy!  I wanted a white but not a modern white since I have vintage stuff in my office such as the aged curtains…yep, that brown tint is authentic!  Did I tell you I planned on using this dresser as storage/filing cabinet in my office?  Big Daddy knows by now that a dresser is never really just a dresser!

One last thought on a dresser redo-be prepared to hunt down the appropriate size drawer/door pulls!  I bought an old beat up piece and I never considered that the size of the pull might not be standard.  I searched for weeks for affordable pulls that would actually fit!  I wasn’t ready to figure out a drill and I was too lazy!  Ebay seriously saved the day.  I bought 12 new pulls for $1 each.  Crazy cheap.  I’m still not sure about the color of the pull since I had in my mind I wanted oil rubbed bronze.  Even though the pictures stink I can honestly say the dresser is beautiful!

What do you think?  Did I do a DIY-er proud on my first project?  Do you remember your first, um, furniture redo?


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  1. Brook @BeingBrook

    Gorgeous! You did an amazing job! I've had the same problem finding the right sized pulls before and ended up having to fill in all the old hardware holes and drill new ones, such a pain.

    • Christine

      Woo Hoo! My first comment! Thanks Brook for checking out my new blog! So exciting!!!

  2. lori

    I'll be a second comment, you did a great job on the dresser!!
    I also re-do, re-purpose, re-invent 'shot out' old sometimes 'found on the side of the road' Perfectly Good Stuff-such a pleasure to find there are others just like me.
    My late husband, Michael Woods, told me what I had was a 'gift'- he was always amazed at how I could envision my 'finds' as something other than its original intended use……..
    I do have to say your have done a great job on the blog. I have tried to keep up on my blog http://www.etsy.com (committed

  3. Christine

    Hey Lori! Thank you for sharing! You know, I've come to realize that it's truly a gift to be able to see the beauty in things people find trash worthy. I'm constantly amazed at the amount of talent that is out there on the diy blog-o-sphere. I hope you continue to use your gift! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again!


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