This is a sponsored post. I was given metallic paint from Modern Masters to try and to write about. All opinions are my own and my opinions are always honest.


Hi guys! After another very very late night, late as in in bed between 2am and 3am, Big Daddy and I are done (almost) with our antique booth located inside Woodstock Market.

As we were chowing down on overstuffed burritos from one of our favorite all-night drive thrus, it occurred to us that we started this journey exactly 8 months ago.


Houses are built in less time.

Maybe even Rome. More than a day but probably less than 8 months. ūüôā

Of course the reality is we weren’t working 5 days a week, 8 hours a day on the booth. I think we worked really hard for 2 weeks in March, a few days in April/May and then took a looooooong coffee break from June until mid October.

So here we are November 3 and it’s nearly finished.

I’ll give you the full before and after later on because there are a few big things that I want to do that aren’t done yet.

Today, I want to share the trim and paint! (You’ll have to forgive my photos. Some are mobile photos and most are skewed because of the harsh overhead fluorescent lights)

antique booth without trim

Here’s a quick refresher of where we sorta left it… We used that great plywood. You can read more about that here.

Each time a new customer would walk¬†into our¬†booth, I would say, “oh, we’re not done. There’ll be lots of trim and paint, and yada, yada, yada.” I’m sure everyone was tired of hearing me say that, I know I was. But that’s life.

antique booth with trim and warehouse lights

We finally began working on the trim! Whoot! It was really starting to take shape!


Does your husband believe in “more is better”? Yea, mine too. I’d actually subscribe to that idea if it stayed confined to the worlds of chocolate, flowers, and mountains. But nail holes? Um, not so much.

I filled about a zilllion bajillion nail/screw holes.

I then sanded, caulked, and cried. Not necessarily in that order. I felt like the holes were reproducing. I was going¬†insane with the random holes I “missed”. Ugh.

And then one day, months into the project, I painted. This is Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore.

behr paint on booth

painted booth with trim


After about 4 days of painting on a really really tall ladder (p.s. not a fan) I was ready to add the jewels to my masterpiece! EEK!

Introducing Modern Masters Metallic Paint! I knew I wanted to create a metallic edge on my trim even before I knew what trim we would use. When researching my design for the booth, I came across this image on Pinterest (Source unknown. If this is yours please let me know!).

Here’s the Olympic Gold ¬†from the¬†Metallic Paint Collection on my trim over Palladian Blue. I have to warn you that this picture just isn’t accurate. Sorry! The color of both paints is just off and I can only imagine its because of the lighting in the store.

mm metallic gold paint2

Here is a photo of the same gold metallic paint from Modern Masters but I painted over a white colored chalk paint and the hardware. I’d say for a better reference to what the gold metallic looks like refer to my little French Provincial side table that I redid.

french provincial night stand with gold metallic paint

I originally had planned to take the gold metallic paint up the fluting on the faux columns but after a test run I nixed that idea pretty quickly. After looking at the photo (below) I think I might add the gold metallic paint to the trim that runs horizontal at the top. I’ll wait and see since¬†I still have a plan to DIY 2 awnings plus a few other things. ūüôā

While I do love the outcome of the metallic paint, I can¬†report that it took me a few attempts at applying it for the best (in my opinion) coverage. I like an even application but when I used a small artist brush and small foam brush, I didn’t get the look I was after. I picked up one of my 4″ foam rollers and dabbed the top into my paint and then wiped most of the paint off. I was able to layer the paint easily which was great because Big Daddy liked the nearly opaque look (more coats) and I liked a little lighter color. Take for instance the hardware I painted in the photo above. I needed this paint to be richer, and darker to cover the dark hardware and it worked perfectly. But when I opted to put gold over a light colored paint, like I did in the booth, I wanted a softer look.

I’m really in love. Aren’t you?! Honestly, adding the gold metallic really makes my booth feel more classic and I couldn’t be happier.

mm metallic gold paint

The booth is still a construction zone and therefore not styled as much as I’d like but we’re getting there! I really love the added depth that the metallic paint brings to my trim.

modern masters metallic gold paint
Go check out¬†the metallic paint color choices from Modern Masters. When you’re ready to try out your own metallic paint, you can find a local retailer near you right here¬†or just shop online.

P.S. Modern Masters has amazing examples of projects using their products. You should go check out their blog, Modern Masters Cafe, for amazing paint finishes and DIY type eye candy.

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Disclaimer: Modern Masters provided me with Olympic Gold Metallic Paint to use and review. I only use products I’m interested in and will only give you my honest opinion about that product.


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  1. Denise

    Wow your booth looks amazing. I can not believe how much work you put into it. I love your design, and your paint choices are perfect. Love the Modern Masters metallics you used!

  2. Diane and Dean DIY

    Wow! No wonder you have been MIA! Love what I see now just to come experience it in person. Wishing you lots and lots of loyal customers after all your hard work!


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