Helllooooo!  I’m giddy because I’ve finally finished my felt ruffled wreath!  (Nice alliteration!) Without further ado…..

 “Shut The Front Door” Redo Wreath!

Instead of writing a tutorial on this wreath I’ll point you towards the two blog posts that I read before I began this “Shut The Front Door” Redo followed by the materials list and my don’t do what I did list!

This wreath was done by Brooke at BeingBrooke with a few techniques I thought worked wonders!  Brooke suggested using a pool noodle from the Dollar Tree as your wreath form!  Genius.  Here’s my noodle after I duct taped it into a circle.

I should mention that you may not want to start adding your fabric until your wreath form has had time to “settle”.  Once I taped my noodle into a circle I started right into pinning fabric.  After a couple hours I put the project down and went out of town for a couple of days.  When I returned home my wreath appeared to have taken on a wonky shape.  The duct tape I used or perhaps the amount that was used allowed the pool noodle to slide causing the less than circular look.  Not cool.

The other blog post that I used as a guide was from Capital B.  The primary difference between the wreath at Capital Bs is the way the fabric was cut.  BeingBrooke took the time to trace circles onto her 1/2 yard of fabric and then cut while Capital B used the precut 9″ x 12″ pieces of felt that you can get at Michaels or Hancock Fabric.  She folded each piece twice, allowing her to get 4 pieces out of one sheet of felt.  I don’t think Capital B specified the number of pieces she used in each color but I used about 25 in each color.

I really didn’t have a prefence over getting the 1/2 yard of each color or getting 25 pieces of each color however, the stores were lean on some colors so I got a half yard of blue and then 25 pieces of white and red.

Don’t forget to bring the felt with you to the store if you run out of a specific color!  I ran out and found out the hard way that the colors do vary so just because you bought blue it doesn’t mean that it’s the right blue!

My cutting technique varied according to my mood!  So I combined Capital B’s 4-squares with BeingBrooke’s circular cuts.  With one 9″ x 12″ sheet of felt I folded it twice so that it looked like a book.  I cut along the folds and got 4 pieces from one sheet.  Then I took one piece and folded it in half.  I cut a half circle out of the folded piece.  This gave me the softness and roundedness of BeingBrooke’s wreath without all the tracing.  I don’t like to take extra steps!

However, if you do choose my way beware that you may be wasting fabric!  Not a cost saver indeed!  But with coupons it didn’t really harm the bottom line.

I spent about $15 bucks on this beauty!  Nice.

Onto the stars!  Each one of us bloggers used a different technique!  I chose to buy these mirrored flower clips from Michaels.  You can find these close to the register in the $1.50 bin.  I know they aren’t stars but I LOVE the way they reflect the light outside and it gives our flag so much deserved bling!

 Materials List

1 Pool Noodle

1 box of straight pins (I think I used 200 pins!)

1/2 yard of red, white, and blue or 25 sheets of each

Duct tape to close the loop!

Fabric scissors

And a few hours of your favorite TV show!  You’ll be pinning for awhile!


Don’t Do What I Do, Do What I Say!

Let your pool noodle settle before pinning your fabric.  Make sure it still looks like a circle before you begin or you’ll be repinning!

Take your felt with you if or when you need additional material so you won’t end up with a different shade!

Experiment with the flowers ugh I mean stars!


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  1. Penny

    Great job!!! It looks beautiful, I am impressed. I really liked this when I saw it on Pinterest.

  2. Christine

    Thanks Penny! I'm assuming this is Penny W.—you were/are the queen crafter as I recall…so big compliment indeed! Hope the family is well!


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